Act 2 Vocab for Romeo & Juliet

Invocationa chant used in conjuring
Enviousfeeling, expressing, or characterized by envy
Discoursesto narrate or discuss
Enmitydeep-seated, often mutual hatred
Imputeto attribute; give credit
Predominantmost common or conspicuous
Chideto express disapproval
Lamentableto express grief for or about
Poulticea soft, moist mass of bread, meal, or clay
Drudgea person who does tedious, menial work
Conjureto make appear magically
Dramatic Ironythe reader knows something the character(s) doesn’t/don’t
Proroguedto discontinue a session, defer
Beseechto beg
Monasterythe dwelling place for monks
Echoa nymph who yearned for Narcissus until nothing but her voice remained
Conspicuouseasily seen
Proverba wise saying