Chapter 24 quiz

Recycle Maniacollegiate recycling contest
Sustainable accounting practices include these costsexternal
In the IPAT model of human impact on environment, P ispopulation
Wealthy people in developed countries often have thisaffluenza
Sustainable universities build green LEED-certified buildings that have thishigh energy efficiency
The lesson of Easter Island was that _____conservation of resources is necessary for sustainable societies
An important way to alter the perception that protecting the environment is incompatible with economic progress is through _____education
Student sustainability movements are more successful when administration is shown how a policy of sustainable practices ___saves money
Our global society has a greater potential to address concerns of sustainability today compared to previous societies because ________.we have many thousands of scientists who study Earth’s processes and resources closely
We could, in theory, make all of our industrial processes sustainable if we could ________transform linear processes into circular ones
A Kill-A-Watt meter is useful for ___auditing electrical usage plug-by-plug and room-by-room
Responsible stewardship in the coming decades will require global energy policies that promote ________.both sustainability and technological efficiency
Working to achieve sustainability on college and university campuses ________.will have long-term benefits to society when students graduate
To encourage corporations to adopt green technologies in a capitalist economy, citizens can ________.choose products from companies that adopt sustainable practices
Many proponents of sustainability believe that encouraging local selfsufficiency is important for building sustainable societies because ________when people are tied more closely to the area they live in, they will value the area more and seek to sustain its environment and its human communities
Greeks Going Green at the University of Washington installed several hundred devices to conserve ________ on campus.water
Because of human ________, there is ample reason to hope that we may achieve sustainability before doing too much damage to our planet and to our own future prospects.ingenuity
According to Figure A, average salary was ________ in 1995 (adjusted to 1995 dollars) than in 1965, and people were ________ happiertwice as high, and no
According to figure B, Americans in the highest income bracket shown are ________ likely to classify themselves as very happy as/than those in the lowest income bracket.approximately twice as
Which of the following can be inferred from the two figures shown?Although Americans have higher incomes (adjusted for inflation) than they did 50 years ago, American society as a whole is no happier than it was back then. However, Americans in high income brackets are happier than those in low income brackets.