Social Networking, Research Paper

If you’re a student, creating research papers is an inevitable fact of life and something you’ll be producing these until your graduation day. Hopefully, our helpful tips will help you produce a great paper in a way that is less painful and more efficient.

The topic of the research paper must resonate with you, which makes social networking a great topic since many of us are digital citizens spending a fair share of a day checking our social media accounts. When you write about a subject you really dig in up to a level when you become almost an expert in can make a great deal of a difference. To cover social networking fully, you will need to write a book, but if you want to pinpoint the benefits of social networking for the body and mind, why it is important to stay connected, then the topic becomes more narrow and focused.

After a preliminary research has been done, the thesis statement has been solidified and you have picked a method how you plan to research and write, the brief outline must be written. Outlining solidifies your brainstorming ideas and keeps them clearly prioritized while you flow on your paper. Some of the ways to develop outlines may be based on how social media platforms evolved over time, the dedicated websites who connect likely-minded individuals, companies who network in the social space, or the process of starting the social networking for someone who is completely new.

How to Write Your Research Paper

  1. Heading
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Body
  5. Reference
  6. Conclusion

Research papers are assembled with different parts. The mandatory parts are the title page, abstract, body, conclusion as well as the reference page. Each part has a specific purpose. In this guide, we use recommendations based on MLA documentation guidelines. You should check which writing guidelines you must comply with and other suggestions the professor may have, as there’s also Chicago Style guide that may be preferred.


The main goal of your title page or heading is to pronounce the name of your study document and provide essential bits if information such names, both yours and the instructors. The general rule is that this page should be center-aligned, and you must capitalize the first and all principal words but do not underline or bold your title.


The main goal of the abstract is to provide a brief idea of your research paper. Here you can outline the main ideas of the research paper keeping in mind that this part should be no longer than a couple of paragraphs. You can write about the importance of staying connected for a human being, about the evolution of forums and blogs, and the social networking element of social media platforms.


Here you introduce the topic of your paper and invite the reader to dig deeper as you did. Make sure to write this section This section should be captivating and incite the reader’s curiosity. The introduction can vary from a few paragraphs for a short research paper (3-5 pages) to several pages or even a chapter for a senior project or thesis.


All of your findings and facts go into the body of your paper. This is the most extensive section of your document.

Here’s an example of a body paragraph:

Social networks are typically an informal gathering of people who may be interested in exchanging information or just socializing. This is the key component as to why social networks are successful for general consumer use but have a hard time being accepted into the business environment. People access their social network of choice drawn in by a desire to participate in a special interest forum, to hear what someone at a unique event has to say or to view a video on a subject that they have an interest in. They are interested in actively or passively participating, but that is their choice and there is no hype or alternative motive to being a part of that social network.

You can also go ahead and examine some of the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and describe the social networking components of them such as Groups and Threads. You can also examine Reddit which presents an evolution of a forum, and topic-based forums as a perfect example of community networking. You can go ahead and explore as a tool to connect with former school pals and Yelp for businesses to network and market their services.

Here are some tips to write a good body for your research paper on social networking:

  • Use double space. This makes the reading easier on the eyes.
  • Avoid the passive voice. For example, instead of writing “Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg” write, “Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook while still at Harvard University.”
  • Read your paper aloud. Do you stumble over the words? Do they flow nicely? Do the sentences sound natural? You can also find grammatical errors by reading your paper aloud.
  • Always have someone else read your paper. They will catch errors and provide useful advice.

Then, you should immediately go through your work to make spontaneous revision and clarify your work after which you can take a breather.


After these steps, follow by acquiring appropriate reference material. Most instructors require 5 to 10 sources per research paper. Also, choose balanced sources. Be sure to take down all the possible references you need and where they can be found. Keep in mind that efficiency and time saving is increased when you’re systematic, it is important to filter your resources in order to make sure that the information you put into your paper and report is valid.


The closing or the conclusion of your research paper should include your final statements and sum up the paper. It shouldn’t be any longer than your introduction. Many writers will refer back to the situation or story in their introduction to summarize the paper.

For example, you can write here:

Social networking is the use of online social media platforms to establish and renew connections with friends, members of the family, clients, classmates, and customers. Social networking is often done for social or business purposes, with the help of such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more specialized websites focused on a specific topic. Social networking is satisfying the innate human need to feel a part of a group and also to evaluate and share opinions. Being part of the group is very beneficial for emotional health which explains the rise of social media in our society.

Make your conclusion a final winning note in a song. Make the reader understand that the paper has been completed and the verdict has been reached. Your conclusion has to support the idea that social networking is important both for body and mind that you have stated in your thesis. Your readers will feel they have learned something and maybe have had their opinions changed by what you have created!