Natural resources are considered the ones, existing on the Earth independently of the actions of human beings. Most often people include biodiversity, forests, livestock, biomass, water, land and all the minerals it contains into this notion. They have at all times been and still are the foundation of human survival, progress, and prosperity. That’s why the management of them has been practiced in ancient times already, the issue remains relevant at present. The aspect of managing natural resources has even become especially burning in the recent decades. The main reason is that they have been degrading fast and the aberrant pace of their erosion has already been fixed.

Natural Resources Management (NRM)

It’s obvious that the topic of the natural resources management is vital for every human being in the modern world. That’s why it’s not a surprise that it has gained popularity among the educators. The theme is often used for such student assignment as essays and research papers. Let’s look at the NRM in more details from this viewpoint.

Any research paper should start with the statement, setting forward the importance of the conducted research and revealing its practical value.

The example of the introduction to your NRM research paper can be like this:

“Everything in the environment “what people can use for their benefit” is known as “natural resources” The most important are water, land, and minerals it contains. All these are tools for the human development and progress. Nevertheless, we all should keep in mind that the humanity should not only meet his current needs but preserve the existing planet wealth for the future generations. We should work out the system of such natural resources’ consumption, that their most rational usage is guaranteed and waste avoided. That’s where we come to the vitality of the proper management along with the complex measures of the protection of the environment. The correct NRM is a means to achieve safe and continuous progress of the modern-world activities and the basis for human survival, progress, and prosperity.”

We deliberately provide our exemplary research paper on the topic in general, creating your own work you can choose a more specific subject for investigation. You can, for instance, devote your paper to only one class of resources.

By the way, the last sentence in our sample introduction paragraph above is a thesis statement of the whole research paper. It reflects the main idea you are going to reveal in the body paragraphs of your work. As a rule, an educational research paper has a commonly accepted five-paragraph structure and the body of the work is usually formed by the three paragraphs expanding the main idea of the statement.

In our sample assignment the body can touch upon the following aspects:

  1. The importance of achieving the sustainable and safe development of the human race.
  2. The proper natural resources’ management as a foundation of human beings survival.
  3. The progress and the prosperity of the humanity as a result of the right NRM.

The actual text may go like this:

“The development of the Humanity goes hand in hand with the technological and scientific development. As a result, we get not only the demographic and socioeconomic pressure but the land reclamation, usage of marginal lands and raw materials, careless agricultural intensification, damaged soil health as a result of the imbalanced application of the fertilizing substances, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, poor water quality, and climate changes as major threat. That’s why to avoid the threat of the changes in the environment in various areas efficient management of natural resources should be worked out and put to life. To guarantee the feasible development of the human activity, we should ensure equitable distribution of the natural wealth, which will allow all people to benefit from this process.

Any known culture of a social system is simply a result of the society’s activities to survive. People all over the Earth have made attempts to optimize the consumption of available resources in the best possible and sustainable for their life way. With the technological and industrial development of the recent times, considerable emphasis has been placed on natural resources management. It’s essential not only to avoid the potential threats human activity can provoke but to preserve the treasures our planet is rich in for the future. We should keep in mind that the resources are limited and the rapid population growth makes the demand for them increase day by day. The proper strategy will help to meet the needs of the present-day individuals as well as to guarantee the preservation of the resources for the new generations to come. The proper managerial approach in this sphere should take into account the long-term perspective and prevent the utilization to the hilt for the immediate gains.

Natural resources are of vital importance for the most vulnerable and poor communities of the world. Such communities depend on ecosystem services to a very great extent and consequently most rigorously affected by the worsening conditions in the environment and the factors, which limit access to the resource. That’s why it’s essential to work out the measures, which will serve the immediate needs and bring immediate benefits to the communities contributing simultaneously to the longer-term capacity development and creating the ground for reducing future vulnerabilities. The proper management will take into account the damage caused to the outer world during the use or extraction of the raw materials of this or that kind and find ways and the means to minimize this damage along with the measures to initiate the future progress and development of the communities and humanity on the whole.”

The final part of any research paper is a conclusion. It summarizes all the main points covered in the body paragraphs and contains some final comment if it’s appropriate.

To conclude your research paper you may refer to the following ideas:

“Sustainability of natural resources is their preserving and renewing, mitigating the negative impact of human activity through regeneration and other processes. As the well-being of people on the Earth is heavily dependent on the state of the world around, sustainable NRM should deal with the effective interaction of the natural environment and humanity. It will help bring together the natural resources’ management and the industrial activity. Human-beings should be recognized as the stewards of the planet and accept full responsibility for maintaining the proper productivity along with the health and quality of the resources, such as clean water, air, raw materials, and biological diversity. An integrated approach should be developed and implemented, it should recognize interweaved social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of natural resources management.”