What Is a Rebuttal?

A rebuttal is a statement given to correct, contradict, or disagree with a previous comment.

For instance, in the case of football, one may say that a particular player would score a goal because of his fast speed. On the contrary, his friend would say,” I beg to differ. Although that player is fast, his speed is still lower than the other player. And for this reason, I believe you are wrong.”

Take it or leave it! There is nothing as captivating as being in the company of people with different opinions. Here, you will see both sides giving their side of the story of why they think they are right. Political issues score highly in that rebuttals are quite common in the conversations that people hold. One politician in his or her campaign would rally the supporters to vote for them. The politician would give reasons why they stand a better chance as a leader and not the other contestants.

Have you given a rebuttal statement recently? Well, it is difficult to disagree that you have not used a rebuttal at least in the last 24 hours. It could be a colleague at work who you disagreed over an issue, and you told him or her why you think they are wrong. These disagreements happen in our day-to-day conversations.

Where Is It Used?

Over the years, rebuttals are common in court proceedings. However, this contradicting point of view has other uses. Do not worry; you do not need to research further. The following is a list of ways and places where one can use rebuts.

Day-to-Day Conversations

You are likely to have a conversation with a person who has a contradicting opinion than the one yours. For instance, if Mercedes Benz is your favorite auto manufacturer, you would not let someone else tell you that Subaru or Toyota is the leading carmaker. In nine out of ten cases, you will try to convince him or her why you think they are wrong and Mercedes is the leading car manufacturer.

High School Debates

The mention of these debates raises a smile on most people’s faces. Well, they form an excellent history for many people. Another thing they do is that they offer students the opportunity to use rebuts in the discussions. In this platform, students do not raise another point before they exhaust the current one. The debate could go a long way making it worthwhile.

World of Authors

At times, an author could write a blog or a publication to correct something that is going on in the country. For instance, the signing of a new law that is going to oppress the poor and other disadvantaged groups. He or she could produce a publication that gives a contrary opinion and shows the world how unfair the particular law is.

At Work

Third, on our list, rebuttals also come into play at work when there are complaints about a particular employee. The management will want to hear the side of the story from the employee. He or she would use rebuttals to explain the situation from his side of the story.

What Types of Essays Include Rebuttals?

Firstly, the persuasive essays require a lot of rebuttals in them. While writing these papers you have to convince your reader to agree with your point of view. Therefore, you must use strong facts to woo the reader to agree with your opinion. Your knowledge of rebuttals is useful to ensure that your audience feels that your point of view is the correct one. According to most English professors in a majority of universities, you should research the topic to ensure that your points are valid and reliable enough to oppose those of your readers.

Second on the list are the argumentative essays. To start with, a significant percentage of students experience a myriad of challenges in writing these pieces (probably the reason why most of them score low marks in these assignments). On the contrary, these assignments are not as hard as most people may think. However, while writing an exceptional argumentative piece, you need to polish your skills in using refutations.

What Is Argument, Counter-Argument and How Does Rebuttal Fit in Them?

An argument is also known as a quarrel or a subtle. It happens when people have different opinions, which spur a disagreement and both sides are angry at each other. However, in more than one cases the reason why arguments happen is not that of the difference in opinions but by not respecting others’ views. Arguments are a form of rebuttals as both sides provide their side of the story to prove that they are correct while the latter is not. They happen at any time and with any person from your neighbor to your parent. However, what is essential is to learn how to manage your emotions to avoid overreacting. It is by not controlling emotions that some people fight after arguing.

A counter-argument is a contradiction developed to oppose an idea that emerged in a subtle. For instance, two politicians may argue that there is a need to increase taxes to raise money for government projects. On the other hand, a handful of other legislators may develop a counter-argument and say that it would be inappropriate to increase taxes on the citizens, as the tax rate is already too high. To raise and explain the counter-argument is itself a form of rebuttals.

Top Strategies of Writing Effective Rebuttals

It is important to note that your skills of using rebuttals make your points stronger and the arguments valid. Below is a list of strategies that will strengthen your points in a debate.


First on the list, when writing effective rebuttals, you need to work on developing a counter-argument. At this point, you create an idea that completely disregards the first point of view. For instance, in an argument with your friends, one could say that the use of mobile phones in school is the leading factor to poor academic performance in school. You could raise a counter-argument and say that mobile phones do not contribute to the academic performance of students.

Attacking the evidence

Equally important when writing effective rebuttals, you can attack the evidence produced in an argument and say that it has no relationship or is wrong. For instance, one could say that the reason most politicians are rich is because they use public funds to run their personal errands. One could give evidence that a significant percentage of them have luxurious cars, huge savings in banks. As a strategy to attack the evidence one could say that the evidence provided does not show any relationship to that they use public funds for their personal gain.

Create a strong argument

You should develop a substantial argument. Strong arguments include statements that qualify as debatable. For a statement to be controversial, it needs to show the author’s position. For instance, it is true that most countries across the globe experience a high rate of unemployment among the youth. Governments could resolve the issue by making a law whereby the existing companies would employ every unemployed person. In the short-run, there will be a low rate of unemployment. However, companies are prone to fail due to the over-expanded wage bills. Therefore, it would not be fit to force them to employ everyone. The rebuttal from this scenario should include a statement that has a clear and debatable stand. Remember, you want the reader to find their position immediately after reading your differing opinion.