qualities of a good nurse, essay
Table of contents:

  1. Introduction writing
  2. Body Paragraphs writing
  3. Conclusion writing

Qualities Of A Good Nurse, Writing Instructions

Essay – this is a scholarly genre that admits the composer to explicit his own impressions in any matter, this form of writing is chosen because of the simplicity of the structure and the possibility to deviate from the recommended template. The main task of the essay is to push forward fresh thoughts and solve the problems of the given topic. There are some rules for writing the introduction, the main body, and the conclusions. Their content depends on the topic chosen. In this article, we will look at how to write an interesting article on “What should be the qualities of a good nurse”.

The introduction

Doctor is one of the main profession in modern time. Everybody knows that doctors and nurses help people to get cured, they care about patients, about their physical and psychological health, but not everyone knows what qualities should she have.

It is a good idea for the introduction, is not it?

There are some roles in the introduction, topicality, second – an exciting start, which will make the essay complete until the end. Three – the introduction gradually has to go into the main part of the composition.

The introduction should reflect the main purpose of the text, the relevance of the problem. Its main goal is to interest the reader, often, 1-2 small paragraphs are enough to get acquainted with the topic of the work.

Another example for introduction:

The doctor treats, and a nurse – cares for the sick. Her role is important. From her actions depends on the state of mind of the patients. It is she who has to respond quickly to the problems of patients, help solve them.

To succeed in any business, only desire is not enough. Successful are those who have certain professional qualities and skills. What qualities should she have?

Thesis and arguments

The thesis is the main idea (text or statement) expressed in words, this is the main statement of the speaker that he is trying to substantiate or prove. Arguments are proofs that support the thesis. Arguments are facts, examples, statements, explanations, in a word, everything that can support our thesis.

Basic requirements for writing thesis and arguments:

  1. The clarity of the expression of thought. You do not need to start a work from afar. Start the text with an important information to really interest the reader. In the text on her quality, it is not worth writing that this is the most important profession in the world, because all kinds of activities are important. Remember to write briefly but in essence.
  2. Intelligibility. The argumentation should be clear to each reader. Not to use terms, professional words. Replace the complex words with more simple perceptions. In the text about most important characteristics are to have it is inappropriate to use the names of drugs or chemical compounds.
  3. Thesis should not contradict each other. Keep logic. In the essay qualities about that make a good nurse it is inappropriate to write that it should be responsible, but late for work. Another example – a doctor’s assistant should be good, but she can refuse assistance to those who need it.

You should not write in this composition about the quality and skills of a doctor, because a doctor and a nurse are two completely different professions.

Body Paragraphs

In the body, paragraphs should write about qualities of a good nurse in more details. Worth to act on the principle – one paragraph is one thought. In this composition – in 1 paragraph describe 1 characteristic. It is possible to describe 2, but they should be related to each other.

Each body paragraph will have the same basic structure. Another recommendation – approximately the same section. The well-structured text is much easier to perceive.

Write the statement, and then – an opinion. Argue for it in detail. You can give examples.

In the paragraphs will be relevant short questions. They push the reader to think and answer the questions independently. After that, he reads the author’s opinion and correlates it with his own.

Example of body paragraphs:


An effective nurse is caring, understanding, nonjudgmental and has a strong ability to empathize with patients from all walks of life. She runs a bypass several times per shift, always responding to a request for help. For some, a nurse is a psychologist, for others – a rescuer in critical situations. It helps not only patients but also often communicates with their relatives eternally.

Patience and communicative

There are most important characteristics for a nurse to have. Patients are different and the medical workers might be able to find a common language with everyone. The nurse can not scream, quarrel, or reprobate the sick. It is important for her to be able to control emotions. To be able to successfully carry out their duties, nurses are able to remain calm and think clearly under these circumstances.


A competent nurse carries out his duties clearly and unmistakably. She knows exactly what medication is needed, how to make a shot, how to properly document a new patient. The doctor’s assistant immediately notices when the patient panics and can quickly find out what it’s all about. She will not do anything hesitant if there is a risk of harming the client.


In conclusion, it is necessary to give a brief description of the main part. For example, list the main qualities of a good nurse, which the author identified in the essay. An excellent methodology is to answer the reader’s question “What did I learn from this essay?” Think about what you can write to convince the reader to believe in your ideas and reasoning.

Other recommendations to the conclusion:

  1. Start with a small jump to the end. This will easily bring the reader to an end.
  2. It is enough 3-5 sentences. In the text about the qualities of a nurse, you do not need to write a lot without extra words.
  3. Correlate the introduction with the conclusions. In the conclusions, the author should answer the questions or statements from the introduction.

Example of the conclusion:

As for me, nurses should be polite, clean, friendly. The most important characteristics for a nurse to have our care and responsibility for their actions. Therefore, if you plan to become an assistant to a doctor, develop these qualities in yourself.