Pros and Cons of Gun Control

One of the hot issues now is the necessity of gun control. Till now there are still many disputes and discussions between supporters and opponents of legal legalization of the weapon sale, and both of sides have enough weighty arguments on this matter.

The main arguments of the supporters of gun legalization:

First of all, the support of weapons legalization is performed by citizens who have faced insufficient security from the police and, as a result, have lost the trust in the ability of the state to defend. They argue the benefit of permission for the legal sale of weapons with the fact that it will be used only for self-defense purposes, which will enable citizens to avoid unnecessary casualties at all the events of an attack.

In addition, in the conditions of illegal gun sales, the black market thrives, which can be even more dangerous than legalization, since after a legitimate purchase of the gun is registered by law enforcement authorities and its owner is easy to identify, while an underground bought gun in case of a crime can leave the author unknown and unpunished. In a criminal world, those people who are ready to use weapons against citizens, already own it hidden from the authorities. Shooting iron is not available only to the civilians who stay unprotected against bandits, rapists, and murderers.

Sometimes weapons can become the only effective way to save the lives. Especially if there is a need to defend when the forces or the number of attackers and defenders are not equivalent. Legal shooters only in rare cases are used in the commission of crimes, and at a time it helps effectively repel an attack on the house, increases the chances of a person to remain unharmed. Thus, the number of attacks may decrease since the attacker will not feel an advantage over his victim if every citizen has the right to defend himself using weapons.

The main arguments of opponents of gun legalization:

Although the Pros of gun control are quite convincing, the Cons are not less demonstrative. Most civilians are afraid of increased aggression and uncontrolled mass use of weapons. The legalization of the gun will not only not contribute to order, but in opposite exacerbate the crime. A legitimate power to own weapons can give criminals more opportunities to use them that will lead to an increase in the number of crimes and murders, including domestic killings.

Possession of a gun is involuntarily raising the desire to use it at least once, which leads to an increase of the probability of using it in a state of affect, alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, aggression, and unstable emotional state, which encourage people to unpremeditated crimes and murders. A civilian does not want to use a weapon as an attacker, or even as a victim. He will remain defenseless, while the permission to own a firearm just plays into the hands of malefactors. If now the main tool of manslaughter is the knife, then after legalization their arsenal will also be replenished with pistols.

Summing up, it should be emphasized that any weapon requires a particular culture of handling it. To use only the benefits of gun legalization and to maximally avoid its harm, must be conducted a strict control of firearm before delivery and monitoring its use. To all this, it is also necessary to create conditions for training in the handling of weapons (mandatory courses of theory and practice about the use of pistols and revolvers with passing the exam), and also to create a list of medical contra-indications when firearms sales are prohibited.