CISB 210- Chapter 7

________ are formally defined, standardized processes that involve day-to-day operations.Structured processes
Which of the following is an example of a structured process?Purchasing raw materials
________ are flexible, informal, and adaptive processes that normally involve strategic and less specific managerial decisions and activities.Dynamic processes
Which of the following is an example of a dynamic process?Nike uses Facebook and Twitter to generate buzz about its new line of running shoes.
Which of the following is a characteristic of dynamic processes?They are adaptive processes that change structure rapidly and readily.
Which of the following workgroup processes is related to sales and marketing?Lead tracking
Which of the following workgroup processes is related to operations?Finished goods inventory management
Which of the following workgroup processes is related to manufacturing?Planning and scheduling
Which of the following workgroup processes is related to customer service?Account tracking
Which of the following workgroup processes is related to human resources?Assessment
Which of the following information systems minimizes data duplication among departments?Enterprise information systems
Which of the following statements is true regarding workgroup information systems?They support 10 to 100 users.
________ processes span an organization and support activities in multiple departments.Enterprise
Which of the following statements about enterprise information systems is true?They are very difficult to change
The information system that a restaurant uses to order supplies and ingredients from its suppliers is an example of a(n) ________.inter-enterprise information system
Which of the following statements about a structured inter-enterprise information system is true?Its problem solutions
________ is an example of an inter-enterprise information system.PRIDE
The two dimensions of process quality are ________.efficiency and effectiveness
________ is a measure of the ratio of process outputs to inputs.Process efficiency
Process ________ is a measure of how well a process achieves organizational strategy.Effectiveness
Information systems improve process quality by ________.Controlling process flow
Which of the following conditions exist when data are isolated in separated information systems?Information silo
When an organization has inconsistent duplicated data, it is said to have a problem of ________.Data integrity
Tony requests for a credit approval of $25,000 and instead gets $15,000 approved as customer credit. Which of the following problems caused by information silos is most likely the reason behind it?Disjointed processes
________ is the activity of altering existing and designing new business processes to take advantage of new information systems.Business process reengineering
________ are predesigned procedures for using software products.Inherent processes
________ is a suite of applications, a database, and a set of inherent processes for managing all the interactions with the customer, from lead generation to customer service.Customer relationship management
Which phase of the customer life cycle focuses on sending messages to the target market to attract customer prospects?Marketing
Which phase of the customer life cycle focuses on increasing the value of existing customers by selling them more product?Relationship management
Which phase of the customer life cycle categorizes customers according to value and attempt to win back high-value customers?Loss/churn
________ is a suite of applications called modules, a database, and a set of inherent processes for consolidating business operations into a single, consistent, computing platform.Enterprise resource planning
The primary purpose of an ERP system is ________.Integration
Enterprise application integration is a ________.suite of software applications that consolidates existing systems by providing layers of software that connect applications together
Which of the following statements is true of enterprise application integration?It connects system “islands” via a new layer of software.
The major benefit of enterprise application integration is that it ________.enables organizations to use existing applications
An ERP solution does not include ________.A company’s operational data
A(n) ________ is a computer program stored within a database that runs to keep the database consistent when certain conditions arise.Trigger
A stored procedure is a program stored in a database that is used to enforce business rules
The inherent processes defined in an ERP solution are known, by some ERP vendors, as ________.Process blueprints
ERP vendors train an organization’s employees, called Super Users, to become in-house ERP trainers in training sessions called ________.Train the trainer
ERP training falls into two broad categories, one of which is training on how to use the ERP application software. Which of the following activities is a part of this category?steps for using the applications to accomplish the activities in processes
To reduce the substantial work that needs to be done to customize an ERP application to a particular customer, ERP vendors provide ________.industry-specific solutions
The two top-ranked ERP vendors are ________.SAP and Oracle
AX, Nav, GP, and Solomon are the four major ERP products of ________.Microsoft Dynamics
Which of the following ERP products did Infor acquire?Baan
Which ERP vendor acquired PeopleSoft and Siebel?Oracle
When implementing new enterprise systems, usually the only solution for resolving process issues and providing enterprise process management is to ________.develop committees and steering groups
Since the features and functions of complex products like CRM or ERP are not easy to identify, ________ is a major task when implementing enterprise identification
Which of the following is an effective and acceptable technique to overcome employee resistance while implementing new enterprise systems?conducting contests with cash prizes
________ refers to a person’s belief that he or she can be successful at his or her job.Self-efficacy
Joseph wishes to increase the operational efficiency of his new startup. What should Joseph do?Joseph should use integrated data stored in his firm’s central database to analyze its day-to-day activities.
Carla, a restaurateur who is new to the field, meets a veteran chef and restaurateur, Giovanni. Carla wishes to analyze the purchasing pattern of her customer base. Which of the following is most likely to be a piece of sound advice that Giovanni would offer Carla?Carla should use her restaurant’s distributed systems to know more about her customers’ buying patterns.