Chem Chap 18

Ethylmethylamine is a tertiary amine T/Ffalse
amines do not ionize in waterfalse
in what form are amine-containing drugs often administered?ammonium salt
The compound CH3CH2NHCH3 is classified as asecondary amine
Crack cocaine is produced by the neutralization and extraction of cocaine from its hydrochloride salt.true
Amides are derivatives of __________ and __________amines and carboxylic acids
The odor of an amine can be neutralized withacids
what relation does the boiling point of an amine have to a similar hydrocarbon?higher
Aminobenzene is properly known asaniline
Heterocyclic amines contain a nitrogen atom in a ring T/Ftrue
What functional group is always found in alkaloids (such as caffeine, nicotine, and digitalis)?amine
what prefix is used to show that a small alkyl group is attached to the nitrogen of aniline and not to the aromatic ring?N-
aniline is a(n)primary aromatic amine
amines arebronsted-lowry acids
Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit a nerve impulse T/Ftrue
Hydrogen bonds in amines are weaker than those in alcohols. T/Ftrue
Which of the following compounds cannot form hydrogen bonds with water?CH3CH2CH3
Amides having fewer than __________ carbons are generally water soluble.6
Amines act as weak acids by accepting protons from water. T/Ffalse
Pyrimidine derivatives are found in DNA. T/Ftrue
Procaine® and Lidocaine® were developed by modifying the structure ofcocaine
The compound CH3CH2NH2 is classified as aprimary amine
Amine salts are odorless and usually highly water soluble. t/ftrue
What kind of amine cannot form intramolecular hydrogen bonds?tertiary
Amine salts are usually liquid at room temperature.false
Cyclic compounds that contain a nitrogen atom are calledheterocyclic compounds
With the correct choice of acid, acid hydrolysis of acetamide could produceacetic acid and ammonium chloride
Caffeine is not an alkaloid. t/ffalse
Aniline is a primary amine. t/ftrue
Which of the following is NOT an alkaloid?diethylamine
what are alkaloids?physiologically active nitrogen compounds derived from plants
Among the choices below, identify the heterocyclic amine found in DNA.purine
How many alkyl substituents does N-ethyl-N-methylaniline have?2
Physiologically active nitrogen-containing compounds produced by plants are calledalkaloids
In what kind of amine is the nitrogen directly bonded to two carbon atoms?secondary
Aniline is the IUPAC approved name for aminobenzene. t/ftrue
What kind of compound is urea?amide
Amines can form __________ bonds with other molecules.hydrogen
Which of the following compounds is an amine?(CH3CH2)2NH
When ethylamine dissolves in water, a solution of __________ is producedethylammonium hydroxide
Amines do not form hydrogen bonds. t/ffalse
Amines contain the element t/fnitrogen
The amine functional group is rarely found in pharmacologically active compoundsfalse
Nicotine, coniine, quinine, atropine, and morphine are all examples ofalkaloids
When amides are hydrolyzed in basic solution, the products are an ammonium salt and a carboxylic acid. t/ffalse
Amines with more than six carbon atoms are soluble in water. t/ffalse
Which of the following compounds canot form hydrogen bonds with water?(CH3CH2)3N
When naming amines according to the IUPAC system, the -e in the corresponding alkane is replaced withamine
Identify the heterocyclic amine in the choices belowpurine
When amides are hydrolyzed in acidic solution, the products are an amine and a carboxylic acid. t/ffalse
Primary amines contain two carbon-containing groups bonded to the nitrogen atom. t/ffalse
Diethylamine and HCl react to producediethylammonium chloride
When acetic acid reacts with ammonia, NH3, the reaction called amidation yieldsacetamide