Persuasive essay guide

A persuasive essay is a written presentation of a writer’s opinion on a particular topic in order to convince readers in its validity and make them alter their viewpoints on the matter to the proposed one. The assignment requires thorough research of the chosen contradictory issue to ensure the writers’ sufficient knowledge basis so they can provide own reasonable and clear positions and support them with authentic and cogent evidence. Each paper chapter should make a contribution to the ultimate represented material goal.


Main Purposes of a Persuasive Essay Writing

The primary aim is fully reflected in this paper type appellation: to persuade the focused group of the specific standpoint. As usual, it should be achieved within academic writing format and restrictions. Persuasive essay writers take great responsibility since if the objective is completed, it can significantly affect the personal and social living.

The secondary one is to familiarize the readers with the matter or elucidate them their specifics depending on their knowledge level. This goal achievement can lead to other subsidiary purpose attainment which is the stimulation of the further problem investigations even if their results will disapprove the initially delivered statement.

Purposes accomplishment should be ensured by all paper components including the writing structure. Though it’s similar to other types of this assignment, as common, it has own peculiarities that will be further discussed.

Possible Topics of a Persuasive Essay

If the examined subject isn’t specified a writer should choose it considering the following aspects:

Uncertainty. The topic should raise an issue or a question that has generated multiple diverse opinions or solutions in the society.

Actuality. The subject should be vital or attract enough interest from the present readers.

Concernment. The investigated matter should be appealing to the writer’s and audience’s minds and souls to ensure the emotional background of the statement.

Comparison. An optional and usually hidden topic feature that’s implied by the paper essence.

Value. The essay will be more appreciated if it discusses a burning question.

Review the following top-20 possible topics that contain various standpoints in different knowledge fields to form the paper on.

Activities. Sports events safety precautions.

Art. Should the censorship be applied to modern artistic creations?

Auto. Should the minimum driving age be increased?

Belles-lettres. Five books that should be a must-read for school children.

Behavior. Importance of family planning.

Chemistry. Plastic utility limitations.

Gadgets. Network-connected devices don’t ensure the individuals’ privacy.

Health. Obligatory vaccination.

Internet. Parental control of the browsed content.

Environment. Freshwater preservation resolution.

Finances. Should the conditions of pension receiving be extended?

Living. Should euthanasia be legal worldwide?

Media. Any intentional misinformation should be legally punishable.

Nutrition. Should GMO be broadly applied?

Society. Migrant workers and economics.

Security. Arms possession rights.

Studying. College curriculums should be practice-oriented.

Technology. 3D printer usage restrictions.

Traveling. Europe: open bounds – united nations?

Training. Post-graduation professional internships.

Some of the presented topics already contain the writer’s opinion, others demand additional specification in the introductory paper part, but all of them include minimum two angles you can look from.

Before commencing with the paper create an outline including writing framework and aspects of the supported standpoint to ensure clear and logical covering of the topic. Don’t write an introduction to the other basic paper parts are complete. Otherwise, it may come out as a non-related and simultaneously making the whole essay impression addendum.

How to Write an Introduction for a Persuasive Essay

The insertion of this academic writing should briefly present reasoning of the topic adoption and the successive content fundamentals. It should contain specific rhetorical instruments to grab the readers’ attention and place their focus on the chosen subject. The opening hook can have a form of a question, a fact, statistics, a quote or a plot that will make the audience to sink voluntarily into the issue settings.

The preamble should concisely narrate the matter background and significance, list existing discussion arguments and state the writer’s opinion. Its ending phrases should ensure a smooth transition to the key part of the essay.

Browse the excerpt from the introduction of College curriculums should be practice-oriented paper to familiarize with this part writing style.

Every year thousands of students all over the world graduate and can’t find a job in the studied field because they don’t have enough necessary practical skills and experience. The fixation on the importance of the extensive theoretical basis reflects on the modern generations more than on the previous century ones. It’s conditioned by the alternation of the labor environment and increased competition.

The displacement of the educational orientation to all type professionals (not only scholars) training is vital for the students’ personal development and unemployment declination within young people.

How to Write Body Paragraphs for a Persuasive Essay

Some of the common aspects of academic statement writing should be specially emphasized in this essay kind to attain the main purposes of the paper and give it the attributes of the argumentative, persuasive speech:

Focus. It implies not only strict adhering to the original topic but also to the selected position.

Assurance. Persuasion of others cannot be implemented without the author’s self-confidence.

Language. Unnecessary or irrelevant affirmations, a lot of prevarications and traces of uncertainties in the provided testimony can fail the goal attainment.

Evidence. Only supported by facts claims should be provided to represent the writers’ competence and ergo their trustworthiness.

Rhetoric. An appropriate emotional toning can be as effective for the conviction as an authentic proof.

Logic. Consistent narration ensures not only better comprehension of the discussed topic but also show the writers’ proficiency and allow employing their reputation as a persuasion remedy.

Counterarguments. An adequate presentation of opposite opinions even with a goal to prove the original one can be considered as open-mindedness and work in favor of the primary purpose achievement process.

Review the brief example of the statement on the topic of Obligatory vaccination where the majority of mentioned-above features are realized.

The nation health is one of the fundamental aspects of its development and prosperity. The differences in people’s attitudes towards the subject and living possibilities don’t allow to maintain the country well-being on the appropriate level stable. That’s why various precautions including vaccination should be mandatory and regulated by the government.

High-level authorized institutions should not only be responsible for the procedure execution control but also provide all necessary attributes required for its implementation including the process algorithm creation and development of its public awareness, highly-qualified specialists and sufficient amount of the quality remedies.

How to Write a Conclusion of a Persuasive Essay

In the last fundamental chapter of the paper should be presented a summary of the statement that should ensure the completion of the audience persuasion. To achieve that can be provided perspectives and consequences of the delivered opinion extension or solution applications.

Take as a concise instance the following conclusion for the theme College curriculums should be practice-oriented.

A college education is originally mented to provide a certain amount of professionals for the country. The lack of practical skills slows down the graduates’ integration to the functioning and development processes of the corresponding fields that affect each sphere in particular and the state economics and other related aspects required for its growth.

The concept implies the equipment basis extension of the universities to ensure training in real and simulated conditions. Since the changes are in the state sphere of interest, these kinds of educational programs can be funded by the government or international sponsors that are interested in the particular field or country development.

Even if you stand on the popular society viewpoint don’t just broadcast it. Always add your own touch to the existing statement. Otherwise, your essay will rather be called informative since it won’t have the essence of the persuasive one: unique author’s opinion.

Besides classical proofreads and revisions test how persuasive your statement on a relative or a friend. An outside review will help to distinguish the clauses that should be emphasized more or completely excluded so you can non-alternatively establish a target connection with the audience and clearly deliver your message.

Ensure the efficient material representation by adhering to standard regulations and provided tips. Competently discuss important issues to make a valuable contribution to their resolutions. Write persuasively, with enthusiasm and eager to make a change in the readers’ heads and ergo in their lives.