Chapter 13 Post

As part of her responsibilities as a marketing manager, Jan has completed a review of data her department has gathered through telephone interviews, mail surveys and focus groups. Jan is disappointed because the research results strongly suggest that a product idea helped develop is unlikely to be popular with potential customers. Jan should:accept the research results and reevaluate the proposed product
People with unsatisfied wants and needs who have both the ability and the willingness to buy are:a market
Which of the following statements about the distinction between consumer goods and B2B goods is the most accurate?the same product can be classified as either a consumer good or an industrial good,depending upon its end use
____ marketing is the marketing of products to groups of customers a firm decides it can serve profitablytarget
Which of the following refers to a marketing strategy in which the focus is on small but profitable market segmentsniche marketing
a consumer’s decision-making process is influenced by his/her ____. consisting of those people who help shape the consumer’s beliefs, attitudes, values, or behaviorfocus group
firms adopting a relationship marketing strategy view technology as a(n)increased opportunity to personalize marketing campaigns to meet customer needs
Cool People Publications focuses their marketing efforts on reaching African American teenage girls. The firm believes that they are positioned to profitably serve this group of consumers. Cool People utilizes the strategy oftarget marketing
After years of using a mass marketing strategy, Digital Print Shops has responded to new competition from national chain stores by focusing on small market segments that have been ignored by their larger competitors. Digital believes that by offering these market segments personalized customer services it can attract a loyal group of customers willing to pay premium prices. Digital’s strategy to improve profits is known as:environmental scanning
As a marketing manager for Kitch-It-Tools, Jim is frustrated with the way his organization markets their kitchen utensils. Currently Kitch-It-Tools utilizes a strategy aimed towards the largest possible number of people, relying heavily on television and radio advertising. Jim complains that the firm is not listening to its customers and is in dnager of losing many of them to firms that create a personal dialogue with their buyers. Presently Kitch-It-Tools practices:mass marketing
In an effort to increase customer loyalty, management at Pratt International has worked to create a personal dialogue with their customers. This dialogue will enable Pratt to offer products that exactly meet their customers’ needs and provide personalized service before and after the sale. Pratt International’s strategy illustrates:relationship marketing
Which of the following is most consistent with a relationship marketing strategy?development of a website that seeks customer feedback and allows customers to communicate with each other
Which of the following is the best example of cognitive dissonance?Rico just bought an expensive HDTV and is already worried that he could have found a better deal if he had shopped more carefully
In terms of the number and dollar volume of transactions, the B2B market is ____larger than
Business-to-business markets tend to be:geographically concentrated
Which of the following statements about the B2B market is true?Industrial buyers are usually large
Hideki has just been transferred from a position in his firm where he dealt with the consumer market to a new job dealing with buyers in the B2B market. Which of the following correctly identifies a key difference Hideki is likely to observe between consumer markets and business-to-business markets?Buyers in the business-to-business markets tend to be more rational than buyers in consumer markets
Kelly buys only high-priced jeans and expensive sport shoes endorsed by her favorite entertainers. Also, he attitudes and values are shaped by specific statements made by these celebrities. She also supports causes and charities the celebrities endorse. This illustrates how consumer decision making is influenced by:a reference group
By employing a relationship marketing strategy, Jocelyn found success as an entrepreneur. The goal of this strategy is to:work closely with existing customers to better satisfy their wants and needs
In an effort to increase profits, Yen Ching Chinese restaurant is attempting to appeal to a specific segment of the market by offering an all-you-can-eat buffet. These efforts, designed to identify specific groups that can be profitably served, represent an example of:target marketing