Which of the following cultures did not have a written language?Cycladic
True or false: the earliest surviving paintings are found in caves.TRUE
What style is the Church of Sainte-Foy at Conques?Romanesque
What is depicted on the Sumerian Standard of Ur?peace and war
What are the tall towers adjoining a mosque called?minarets
Who developed a canon of harmonious proportions to be used for the portrayal of the ideal human body in sculpture?Polykleitos
Which of these cultures was part of Mesopotamia?Assyrians
What did the Parthenon in Athens originally house?A large statue of Athena
What are the small pieces of glass that make up a mosaic called?tesserae
Metopes are a part of which architectural order?Doric
True or false: all Islamic manuscripts include a portrait of Allah.False
True or false: the Emperor Constantine recycled sculpture from earlier monuments to use on his triumphal arch.True
What period is the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna from?Byzantine
What is the medium used for the depiction of Theodora and Attendants in the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna?mosaic
Which two Gothic architectural innovations allowed cathedral walls to be built higher than before?flying buttresses and rib vaults
The Dome of the Rock belongs to which culture/period?islamic
What is the most common subject of Cycladic sculptures?female figures
What artifact made it possible to decipher hieroglyphics?the Rosetta Stone
Where have the earliest examples of Christian art been discovered?catacombs
True or false: the Egyptians took a haphazard approach to building the pyramids, suggesting that they did not have a strong understanding of math and geometry.False
What does the Great Stupa contain?The Buddha Remains
Match the site with the country in which it is located. Use each term once:
Japan: Taian Teahouse
China: Tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi
Cambodia: Angkor Wat
India: Great Stupa
True or false: the Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir to celebrate the birth of his first son.False
Where were the terracotta warriors found?the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi
True or false: a Chinese scroll is likely to comprise only illustrations and not include any writing.FALSE
True or false: the Japanese tea ceremony has its roots in Zen Buddhism.TRUE
Where did Buddhism originate?India
What are some of the oldest human-made objects found in the Americas?Clovis Points
What is the Raimondi Stela?A stone monument
Which term applies to indigenous art from South America?Andean
Why have Paracas textiles survived from ancient times?the climate in Peru is very dry
Why was gold important to the Moche culture?it was associated with the sun
What animal is represented in Incan art to celebrate its role in textile manufacture?llamas
What is Machu Picchu?Mountaintop city in Peru
Where is the Aztec Pyramid of the Sun located?Teotihuacan
True or false: the only people ever sacrificed by the Aztecs were prisoners of war.FALSE
Who built the cliff dwellings in the American Southwest?Anasazi
Which period in European art came first?Renaissance
Why does art from Africa and the Pacific Islands tend to look the same over long periods of time?maintains traditional methods
Artemisia Gentileschi was influenced by the style of which other artist?Caravaggio
A “deposition” scene shows which of the followingJesus’ body being taken down from the cross
Which Biblical figure was depicted frequently in Renaissance and Baroque sculpture?DAVID
Match the kente cloth color with its meaning.
green: growth and good health
red: strong political or spiritual feelings
yellow: holy and precious
gold: royalty, wealth, and spiritual purity
The Arnolfini Portrait is a part of which period in art?Northern Renaissance
Why did the Yoruba of western Nigeria create sculptures twin figures?To represent a twin that died at birth or infancy
What was innovative about Brunelleschi’s design for the dome of Florence cathedral?it was built without the need for wooden centering
What do the Moai of Easter Island represent?defied ancestors who were chiefs
What does linear perspective do?represent the illusion of three-dimensional space in two dimensions
What do cowrie shells represent in the arts of both Africa and the Pacific Islands?fertility
What is depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?scenes from Genesis
Which culture is known for making terra-cotta heads with prominent holes in the pupils, nostrils, mouth and ears?Nok
Which of the following design elements relate to Baroque art and architecture?Which of the following design elements relate to Baroque art and architecture?
True or false: abstract designs and patterns can convey information that is as important, recognizable, and specific as both representational and narrative imagery.TRUE
When are African masks most meaningful to the groups that made them?when they are worn in ceremonial performances
Which of the following influenced the art made from 1700 to 1865?Industrialization, The Age of Reason, revolutions in France and America
True or false: in the French Academy, individual portraits and landscapes were considered more valuable than any other subject matter.False
What was the primary subject matter of the the Hudson River School?American landscapes
In portrait photography of the 1860s, how long were exposure times?seconds
What is the subject of Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People?July Revolution of 1830 in France
True or false: Gustave Courbet’s Stonebreakers alarmed upper-class viewers because it reminded them of recent uprisings by the poor.TRUE
True or false: the ornate and fanciful style called Rococo was only fashionable in France.FALSE
What is Jacques-Louis David’s painting The Oath of the Horatii about?duty and self-sacrifice
Which statement about artist William Blake is accurate?He believed in personal and creative freedom, rebelled against the teachings of the Royal Academy and did not accept Christian values
True or false: Goya painted an unflattering portrait of the Spanish royal family because he disliked them and wanted to insult the king.FALSE
What does Fragonard’s The Swing depict?Flirtation between two young aristocratic lovers
Artists in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were inspired by works from which period in history?The middle ages
What is William Hogarth’s series Marriage a la Mode about?an arranged marriage in which the couple behave immorally
What inspired Joseph Mallord William Turner to paint Slave Ship?a real-life incident
Why did North American cities in the late eighteenth century choose neoclassicism as their architectural style?it represented ideals to which they aspired
Who was called the Sun King?Louis XV
Which was the biggest influence on Henry Ossawa Tanner?Gustave Courbet
Who built Monticello?Thomas Jefferson
Who visited Salons, such as the one depicted in Pietro Martini’s print of 1785?public, painters, and critics
In addition to being inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, what did Neoclassical paintings, such as those by Jacques-Louis David and Angelica Kaufmann, try to accomplish?a convey a moral message
What role did photography play for the artist Thomas Eakins?he used photography to study anatomy and proportion
True or false: Roy Lichtenstein challenged traditional notions of the subject matter and appearance of fine art painting by embracing everyday subjects.TRUE
Vincent van Gogh used thick application of paint in his work Starry Night. What is this technique called?IMPASTO
What formal element did Mark Rothko focus on?COLOR
Why was the Eiffel Tower built?to welcome visitors to a World’s Fair
Which of the following approaches is characterized by artworks that have aggressive lines, rough textures, and personal narrative?neo-expressionism
Alexandre Cabanel’s Birth of Venus is an example of which type of paintingACADEMIC
What does conceptual art emphasize?THE IDEAS BEHIND THE ARTWORK
Which artist repeatedly painted studies of the mountain he had seen throughout his childhood and later observed from his studio window?Paul Cezanne
Art objects from which place influenced Picasso in his creation of Demoiselles d’Avignon?Africa
A painting by which artist provoked the comment by a critic that gave the Impressionists their name?Claude Monet
Which statement is true about Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Moulin de la Galette?It depicts the new urban middle class
True or false: Edgar Degas was fascinated by observing ballet dancers, both in practice and during performance.TRUE
What aspect of Edouard Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) made viewers uncomfortable when it was first exhibited?the nude woman seated next to fully dressed me, the sketchy painting technique, the way the woman looks out at the viewer
True or false: Camille Claudel’s sculpture The Waltz received some criticism for being too erotic.TRUE
True or false: twentieth-century artists continued the exploration in representation started by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.true
Who painted Paris Street: Rainy Day?Gustave Caillebotte
True or false: Paul Gauguin liked to paint subjects from modern, industrial cities.FALSE
Georges Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque is part of which movement?cubism
How did Jackson Pollock make his paintings?He dripped paint onto a canvas on the floor
What does Rineke Dijkstra’s series Mothers focus on?depicting mothers with their newborn children
Who is the artist of Dead Christ?Mantegna
Bis pole sculptures were made by which culture?Asmat
What does the term “vanitas” in art reference?the fleeting nature of life
What is Shiva Nataraja responsible for doing?dancing the world into existence, balancing contradictory qualities, for example creation and destruction, bringing to life the endless cycle of birth and rebirth
True or false: artists have often been influenced by scientific discoveries.TRUE
True or false: astrolabes were used by Muslims to determine the direction of Mecca.TRUE
Which of these artworks reveals a culture’s understanding of astronomy?The Maya flint depicting a crocodile canoe with passengers, The Aztec Sun Stone, Muhammad Mahdi al-Yazdi’s astrolabe
True or false: because restorers accidentally removed the original varnish, the Sistine Chapel ceiling looks brighter than it was in Michelangelo’s time.False
Which of these terms applies to Georges Seurat’s Sunday on La Grande Jatte?pointillism
True or false: “Trompe l’oeil” means “fool the eye.”TRUE
Who advised artists in his treatise On Painting that paintings should look like illusionary windows?Leon Battista Alberti
Which statement is true of the oculus in the Camera degli Sposi in the Ducal Palace in Mantua, painted by Andrea Mantegna?It is just a painted illusion
True or false: William Hogarth’s False Perspective demonstrates incorrect applications of the laws of perspective.true
What is it called when columns are intentionally designed to swell at the midpoint?entasis
What elements have an ambiguous reflection in Edouard Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergere?the barmaid, liquor and wine bottles, the bar top
True or false: the term “iconic” refers to something that has become famous and has widely recognizable characteristics.TRUE
True or false: Mayan bloodletting rituals were only enacted on slaves.false
What technique was used to create the portrait of King Akhenaten, his wife Nefertiti, and their three daughters?a sunken-relief carving
Which statement is true of the Stela of Hammurabi?it has an entire law code written on it
What is the medium of Henry Moore’s Recumbent Figure?stone
What does Theodore Gericault’s painting Raft of the Medusa depict?the results of a shipwreck off the coast of West Africa
Which of these artists created a war artwork that was an interactive performance?Wafer Bilal
When and where was the artist of Olympia working?19th Century France
Which artwork did Carrie Mae Weems make?You Became A Scientific Profile
Why did Mary Richardson attack the Rokeby Venus in 1914?she wanted more rights for women
What medium is Kahinde Wiley’s Portrait Bust of Cardinal Richelieu?painting
What does Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe convey?he agitation of the artist’s internal reality through his painting
What kind of artworks do the Guerilla Girls make?feminist posters and pamphlets
What is the subject matter of Myron’s Discus Thrower?A Greek Athlete
Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty was made by sculptors from which culture?Egyptian
What does Francisco Goya’s Second of May, 1808 depict?Spanish civilians attacking French soldiers
What movement influenced the Untitled Film Stills series?Feminism
Timothy O’Sullivan’s famous photograph of dead bodies on a deserted battlefield was taken during which war?American Civil War
Auguste Rodin made which of the following artworks?Walking Man
What does the layout of The Dinner Party allude to?the Last Supper, a coven of witches, an ancient sign for woman
True or false: Emil Nolde’s Crucifixion was admired by Adolf Hitler.FALSE
Why were some against Maya Lin’s design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?it was black stone, it wasn’t a traditional monument with figures, it descended into the ground
What happened to the woman featured in Migrant Mother after Dorothea Lange photographed her?she was ashamed of the photograph
What element is part of the 9/11 Memorial in New York City?water