The Plan de Iguala was designed to guarantee _____.an independent Mexico with a constitutional monarchy
Catholicism as Mexico’s state religion
Who issued the “Grito de Dolores”?Miguel Hidalgo
In 1824, Mexico became __________a Republic
The United Provinces of Central America was established after Central America seceded from ___________Mexico
What country controlled the land at the time of Brazil’s independence in 1822?Portugal. Brazil was colonized by Portugal
In Haiti, Vincent Oge demanded the right to _____.Vote
When it was a French colony, Haiti was called _____.St. Domingue
People who were of European ancestry that were born in the Americas were called _____.Creoles
Select all issues that led to the French Revolution.resentment toward French monarchy
an economic crisis in France
resentment toward social structures
What contributed to France’s financial crisis in the late 1700s?the lavish spending of the royal court
aid given to the U.S. colonists
The storming of the Bastille occurred _____.after members of the third estate declared themselves to be the National Assembly
Why did Louis XVI call a meeting of the Estates General?to discuss France’s tax system
The French middle class and peasantry belonged to the ________Estate.Third
The 1791 French constitution limited the powers of the _____.French Monarch
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen _____.declared freedom of speech, press, and religion
was modeled after the U.S. Declaration of Independence
Who was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety?Maximilien Robespierre
During the French Revolution, radicals _____.wanted to establish a french republic
Olympe de Gouges wrote a “Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen” in 1791, declaring that women were also citizens and should have rights equal to those of men. She was then_________________.executed by the guillotine
What currently practiced ideology has its roots in the French Revolution?Socialism
Who became king of France after Napoleon was exiled?Louis XVIII
Autocratic rule was seen in Russia asrule by a single leader with unrestrained power.
Russian czars eliminated opposition to their rule by relying on _____.strict censorship
a secret police force
Where did Czar Nicholas I exile suspected dissenters?Siberia
In 1900, the majority of Russia’s population belonged to the _____.Peasantry
The Trans-Siberian Railway covered a distance from Eastern Europe to ______________the PAcific
What nations claimed to protect Christian interests in the Ottoman Empire?France and Russia
Why did the British participate in the Crimean War?They did not want the Russians to control the Black Sea.
Participants in the Decembrist Revolt wanted to establish _____.a constitutional monarchy
Alexander III’s program of Russification _____.targeted the empire’s non-Russian population
emphasized the use of the Russian language
As a result of the 1905 Revolution, _____.political parties were banned