Chapter 8: Jovian Planet Systems – Questions

Which of the following is a general characteristic of the four jovian planets in our solar system?They are lower in average density than are the terrestrial planets.
Which of the following best describes the internal layering of Jupiter, from the center outward?core of rock, metal, and hydrogen compounds
thick layer of metallic hydrogen
thick layer of liquid hydrogen
layer of gaseous hydrogen
cloud layer
Overall, Jupiter’s composition is most like that of _________.the sun
How do typical wind speeds in Jupiter’s atmosphere compare to typical wind speeds on Earth?They are much faster than hurricane winds on Earth.
What atmospheric constituent is responsible for the blue color of Uranus and Neptune?Methane
Which of the following statements about the moons of the jovian planets is NOT true?most of the moons are large enough to be spherical in shape, but a few have the more potato like shapes of asteroids
Which statement about Io is true?Io is the most volcanically active body in our solar system.
Which moon has a thick atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen?Titan
Which moon is considered likely to have a deep, subsurface ocean of liquid water?Europa
Suppose you could float in space just a few meters above Saturn’s rings. What would you see as you looked down on the rings?countless icy particles, ranging in size from dust grains to large boulders.