APUSH Chapter 38 Vocab

Vietnamization…, President Richard Nixons strategy for ending U.S involvement in the vietnam war, involving a gradual withdrawl of American troops and replacement of them with South Vietnamese forces
Miranda WarningsWarnings that police must read to suspects prior to questioning that advises them of their rights.
“Smoking gun” tapeblank tape where Nixon had erased all evidence. this is the only evidence that links him to the watergate crimes.
Nixon DoctrineCreated during the Vietnam War. Stated that the US would honor its existing defense commitments, but in the future other countries would have to fight their own wars without support of American troops.
Philadelphia Planthis plan forced any construction companies working on federal jobs in philadelphia to create plans for hiring more african american employees
Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)constitutional amendment passed by Congress but never ratified that would have banned discrimination on the basis of gender
Silent MajorityA phrase used to describe people, whatever their economic status, who uphold traditional values, especially against the counterculture of the 1960s
Environmental Protection Agencyan independent federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment
Roe v. Wadelegalized abortion
My Lai MassacreA mass killing of helpless inhabitants of a village in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War, carried out in 1968 by United States troops under the command of Lieutenant William Calley.
Earth DayA day created in 1970 about celebrating and caring for the Earth
Malaise SpeechA speech made by President Carter which included a series of proposals for resolving the energy crisis
Kent State Shooting1970; Protests began, continuing May 2-4; National Guard fires at students , 4 killed, 6 wounded during anti-war protest
War Powers Act1973. A resolution of Congress that stated the President can only send troops into action abroad by authorization of Congress or if America is already under attack or serious threat.
SALT IIAdditional arms limitations signings in 1979 which places limits on long-range missiles, bombers, and nuclear warheads.
Pentagon PapersA 7,000-page top-secret United States government report on the history of the internal planning and policy-making process within the government itself concerning the Vietnam War.
WatergateBreak-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate building in 1972 that resulted in a cover-up and the subsequent resignation of Nixon
Iranian hostage crisisIn 1979, Iranian fundamentalists seized the American embassy in Tehran and held fifty-three American diplomats hostage for over a year; weakened Carter’s presidency; hostages released on Reagan’s inauguration.
DetenteA policy of reducing Cold War tensions that was adopted by the United States during the presidency of Richard Nixon.
Henry KissingerThe main negotiator of the peace treaty with the North Vietnamese; secretary of state during Nixon’s presidency (1970s).
George McGovernSouth Dakota senator whose antiwar campaign was swamped by Nixon.
Jimmy Carter1974 became the 39th President, with Vice President Walter Mondale. He secured energy programs, set the framework for Egypt-Israel treaty, and sought to base foreign policy on human rights.
Warren Burgerthe Supreme Court justice durning the Nixon admistration. He was chosen by Nixon because of his strict interpretation of the Constitution. He presided over the extremly controversal case of abortion in Roe vs. Wade.
Gerald Fordpresident 1974-77, Nixon’s Vice president, only person not voted into the White House, appointed vice president by Nixon: became president after Nixon resigned
Leonid BrezhnevSeized power from Nikita Khrushchev and became leader of the Soviet Communist party in 1964. Ordered forces in to Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia.
Rachel Carson“Silent Spring”, sparked a real environmentalist movement: which introduced the adverse environmental effects of DDT and the fact that it would kill the enviornment and there would be no birds to sing.- a silent spring