Art Chapters 5,6,7,8

The pyramids of Egypt are an example of art as a ______
artists such as Leonardo and Michelangelo were trained by the _____ method.apprentice
Persia’s “kitab-khana” were ____ that made illuminated manuscriptslibraries
The first academy in Europe started in the ___ century15th
Museums became common in ______ during the nineteenth centuryEurope
two factors that influenced the growth and popularity of museums were: ________ and _______capitalism, colonialism
an example of community artwork is the _______making of AIDS quilt
one example of a museum dedicated only to modern art is the: ________Guggenheim (new)
The iconoclasts were known as:_________image breakers
art is kept by various cultures for the following reasons: ___, ___, ___.aesthetic, religious, political
Leonardo felt that observation was central to ______ and
the view of an artist as a creative genius rather than a skilled worker began to form in Europe during the __________.renaissance
the pyramids of ancient Egypt served the purposes of the ________.rulers
the opposite of an artist working on a commission is an artist working on ____________speculation
art created for the tourist market generally helps local art production to _______survive
in medieval Europe, specialized societies called______ preserved technical information for artists and regulated art making.guilds
_______ were one of the major art forms during the medieval period Europe.illustration
______ is the first artist in recorded history and was associated with the concept of geniusIamhotep
prehistoric artists painted images in the ___ of cavesback
Australian Aboriginals painted “contour maps” indication food and water locations out of sand; these maps were then ________ after a ritual celebration.destroyed
Coe’s There is no Escape is from a series condemning the meat industry called _______.Porkopolis
The ancient Chinese made ______ vessels for storing winelings bronze
as its name suggests, the ancient Greek ______ was used for carrying and storing waterhydra
The Pomo tribal baskets covered with feathers and shells were made as ceremonial _____gifts
Warhol’s work such as Hienz 57 Tomato Ketchup celebrated the commercial art of ___________.Package industry
salt was considered so valuable that it was a source of wealth; the European nobility used elaborate saltcellars as a ________.status symbols
Jan Davidsz de Heem’s A Table of Dessert reflects cultural and _______ beliefs.religious
Mu Qi’s Six Persimmons emphasizes _____________ in life.simplicity, meditation
an important component of European still life painting was the idea of as vanitas
In the early twentieth century, still life paintings were not concerned with as sustinance
Rituals meals include:Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, wedding , holidays
The House of the Vettii had a front atrium with a pool, called the ______, for collecting rainwaterimpluvium
examples of ancient communities in which homes were close together in the same style include Catal Huyuk and _________.Pueblo bonito
Trajan’s Market has tabernas whose form ad arrangement suggests a _________market
The architect _________, who designed one of the innovative tall buildings of the twentieth century, believed that “form follows function” in architectureLouis Sullivan
The Venus of Willendorf is a statue of ______an anonymous pregnant woman
The Idol from Amorgos is a statue of ______fertile young woman
Figure of a Deity: A’a Rurutu from the Austral Islands in central Polynesia was an ancestor deity and represented a: _______creator in an act of creating
The Bamana fertility figure from Mali is decorated with ______geometric lines
The paintings in the Villa of Mysteries were done by the ______Romans
The Primordial Couple of the Dogon represents _______the marriage ritual
There are many symbols in Jan van Eyck’s The Wedding, including-the dog symbolizes fidelity
-The chandelier has one lit candle signifying matrimony and the unity of marriage
-The man uses his left hand to support but does not grasp the women’s hand. He holds his right hand up as if he is taking an oath
-The removed shoes suggest sanctity
The Japanese shunga prints are translated as ______spring pictures
An odalisque was a member of ______harem
Georgia O’Keeffe’s work are often extreme close ups of ______flowers
In prehistoric times fertility was ______an important concern
The Moche, the Maya and Alice Neel did versions of _______pregnant women
Brancusi’s Torso of a Young Man is _____abstract
Louise Bourgeois’ Blind Man’s Bluff is a sculpture of ______bulbous forms
The ancient cities required ______ in order to functionmajor rivers
Images of deities _____,_____,_____-vary from culture to culture
-can be male or female
-some cultures didn’t allow them to be represented
Most early deities represented ______female fertility goddesses
The Snake Goddess is from _____crete
From ancient Egypt came the convention of representing deities as _______partaking animal qualities
The Hindu god Brahman can never be _______known
The Buddhist concept of heaven or paradise is called ______Nirvana
A Buddhist stupa, at first a mound tomb, was transformed into a relic _____of a buddha
Later statues of Buddha emphasized _______serinity
The nearest analogy to a Budhisattva would be ______saint
When Christianity became the official state religion, Christ was shown as ____a king or ruler
The special rituals of the Kwakiutl were ______held annually
Mexican votive paintings were called ______Retablos
Depictions of ritual sacrifice were shown in many cultures, including ______Christian and Meso American
The Hopi make spirit dolls called ______kachinas
A mandala is an attempt to show _______the cosmos
The images of Michelangelo’s Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel present: _______the origin of the universe
The Ziggurat of Ur is an _______artificial mountain
Many religious structures from Stonehenge to the Pantheon, use ______ to convey their powergeometry
A journey to a special shrine is called a _______pilgramage
The Parthenon frieze probably shows _______panathenaic festival
The deities of ancient Egypt were mostly personifications of ______natural forces
The Hindu god ______ is the unity in which all opposite meet — the source of good and evil, male and femaleShiva