CIS- Chapter 10

Regional managers can compare their regular sales reports with that of the other regional angers by using:Periodic reports
What documentation shows the difference between the income and expense of a company for a specific time periodIncome statements
An example of this type of report would be a sales report that shows that certain items are selling significantly above or below forecasts.Exception
These systems are used in managing documents, communicating, and scheduling.Office automation systems
Which system presents information in a highly summarized form?Executive support system
The marketing department identifies, investigates, and develops new products and services.False
There are three basic decision models used in GDSS: operational, strategic, and financial.False
An MIS differs from a TPS in that is creates databases.False
A purchase order form pertains to the sales order processing department.True
The production department strictly involves itself only with the creation of finished goods that are tangible.False
Which system is a type of artificial intelligence that uses a database, containing facts and rules, to provide assistance to users?Expert system
This records assets, liabilities, and the equity owned by the owners of an organization.Balance sheets
A transaction processing system is also referred to as a:Data processing system
The _____ keeps records of the number of each kinda of part or finished good in the warehouse.Inventory control system
Which of the following refers to a system that summarizes detailed data from the transaction processing in standard reports for middle-level managers?Management information system (MIS)
The system is a flexible tool for data analysis, since its reports do not have a fixed format.Decision support system
Regional managers can compare their regular sales reports with that of the other regional managers by using:periodic reports
Promoting, selling, and distributing the organization’s goods and services pertains to which of the following functions?Marketing
Creating finished goods and services using raw materials and personnel pertains to which of the following functions?Production
Money collected from or owed by customers is called _______.Accounts receivable
In a GDSS, the _______ is generally the decision
This decision model helps middle-level managers control the work of the organization, such as financial planning and sales promotion planning.Tactical model
Who uses management information systems?Middle-level managers
This level of management is concerned with long-range planning and uses information that will help them plan the future growth and direction of the organization.Top-level managers
Project resources can be scheduled, planned, and controlled using _______.Project Managers
This level of management is involved with tactical planning and implementing the long-term goals within an organization.Middle management
_____ systems help supervisors by generating databases that act as the foundation for other information systems.Transaction processing
These systems can be organized to retrieve information from databases outside the company, such as business-news services.Executive Support Systems