Art App. week 11

Birth of VenusThis painting was praised by critics at the Salon of 1863 and purchased by Emperor Napoleon II of France for his personal collection.
American SceneArtworks by painters in the US who chose representational styles and were influenced by the harsh realities of the Great Depression in 1929 came to be known as ________ paintings.
found objectsMarcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel was constructed using:
impressionalistsLate nineteenth-century painters who conveyed the sensations of the modern city and the effects of light are called:
felt….sawExpressionist artists tried to depict what they ________ rather than what they ________.
Each answer shown is correctDirector of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Thomas Eakins’s teaching methods, for example________, were controversial and led to him being forced to resign in 1886.
Sigmund FreudSurrealist artists used techniques that the psychologist ________ had originally pioneered to access his patients’ unconscious minds.
End of the 19th centuryFin de siècle, French for “end of the century,” refers to the art of the:
abstract planesThe forms in Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon are simplified into:
Each answer shown is correctThe following is true of the art movement Dada:
appropriationWhat is the term used when an artist borrows objects, figures, or entire compositions from the work of other artists?
PostmodernThe Portland Pubic Services building in Portland, Oregon is an example of ________ architecture.
visionaryIf an artist was working without artistic training, creating paintings inspired by his or her dreams, we would call this person a ________, or outsider, artist.
stop-motion animationContemporary artists assimilate approaches from all kinds of sources. Nathalie Djurberg contrasts the medium of ________, often used for children’s movies, with violent subject matter.
Abstract ExpressionismWhat was the first Modernist art movement to originate in the US rather than Europe?
Each answer shown is correctWhich of the following artworks consider multiculturalism?
conceptualJoseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs encourages the viewer to think about how we understand the world around us, through looking at the different ways we can experience the object we call a “chair.” This is an example of ________ art.
only Ever is Over All is a video installationWhen comparing Ana Mendieta’s “Untitled,” from her Silueta series, with Pipilotti Rist’s Ever is Over All, an important difference between the two works is that ________.
pointillismPop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s Girl With Mirror recalls the Post-Impressionist technique of:
allow us to see the items in new waysDan Flavin’s decision to display commercially produced items (see Untitled, fig. 3.9.9) in an art gallery was intended to: