Career Planning: Being an Effective Co-worker

In order for team members to communicate effectively, they need the discipline to _______.Listen first and speak second
If you are able to avoid offending people, you have ______.tact
Making a promise to deliver a product and making sure it happens no matter what shows ______.Responsibility
Benjamin tells James at a company meeting that James has an unimportant job and still can’t do it correctly. Benjamin is being ______.Arrogant
Imagine you are trying to improve your self confidence. You have set yourself up to make a speech to a convention in three weeks, even though the thought of doing it terrifies you. What is your best course of action?Practice until you feel you can do it
A good communicator will focus on speaking and ______.Listening
While Ken appreciates that as a result of his communication-based self improvement plan he will be a better person, he knows that the greatest benefit will be to ______.Become a more effective worker
If Yolanda wishes to understand her coworkers more deeply, she should study their ______.Body language