10 Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

College sports in America have become more popular today than they were some years back, thanks to the global focus on sports. Despite athletics being a well-paying career currently, college athletes remain unpaid. It is critically unfair that college athletes remain broke despite college sports getting a high income whenever they are held.

Here are 10 reasons why college athletes should be paid:

  1. They are center of money-making

College sports events enjoy a huge following in the United States, who pay dearly to watch the games whenever they are held in the country. It goes without saying, therefore, that college athletes help college administrations and the government to generate significant income. For this reason, it is only fair that they are paid for the effort they invest in these sports to ensure that their audience is satisfied. This way, college athletes will be treated fairly, just like professional athletes are paid for taking part in similar events.

  1. College athletes spend full-time working hours on sports hence should be regarded as full-time employees

Athletes spend 4-6 hours of active training everyday just to ensure that they deliver the best results possible whenever they take part in any athletics event.  This amounts to close to 42 hours every week (including weekends). The average full-time employee in the US is paid for 40-hour work per week (excluding weekends). College athletes, therefore, spend more time on training than an average American full-time worker and thus qualify for a full-time pay.

  1. College athletes spend a lot of time training just like other commercial players

To participate in college athletics, therefore, calls for a lot of sacrifices in terms of time and energy that often go unnoticed. College athletes, thus, should be compensated for the time and energy they invest into making sure that they perform to the best of their ability during the competitions

  1. Sports have evolved to become commercialized, thus should be college athletics

In the ancient times, people engaged in sporting activities as a hobby and not as a full-time employment opportunity. However, as sports became popular over time, it became commercialized. Presently, athletics is one of the most popular and most commercialized sports events in the world with professional athletics events, involving career athletes, being held in various parts of the world every year. These events have become more competitive and entertaining than before, as participants work extra hard to earn more money. College sports should be perceived in this manner – be commercialized and college athletes paid as well.

  1. Payment will make college athletics more competitive

If college athletes are paid for participating, college athletics is likely to become much more competitive than it is currently. In organizations, for instance, the best employees often get rewards such as promotions and pay hikes. Due to these rewards, employees are encouraged to become more productive by working harder. College athletes would be motivated in the same manner if they were paid for the work they did. As a result, college athletics event would be much more competitive and entertaining.

  1. Other participants such as coaches are paid, why not the athletes?

It is unfair that the coaches and medics who take care of the college athletes are full-time employees who are paid to participate in the same sporting activity as the athletes. To bring fairness into college athletics, the coaches, medics, and athletes should be paid for the work they do.

  1. College athletics generate money to college administrations and TV stations

College athletics events such as football do not only attract massive crowds but are also shown on televisions to be followed by the thousands of people who do not find the time to watch the games live at the stadia. Moreover, the events are endlessly debated in the public media such as TVs, newspapers among others. The media houses that broadcast these events live often have to pay significant amounts to the management as broadcasting rights. Yet, none of this money reaches the college athletes.

  1. Payment is an appreciation of one’s efforts

Obviously, the most common form of appreciation for efforts invested in doing something is through payment. College athletes market the names of their institutions any time they take part in and perform well in sports. It will be fair only if this effort is rewarded through payment as a token of appreciation.

  1. More talents will be identified and honed

It is certainly clear that the majority of talented college students do not take part in any athletics competitions or not engaging in any sporting activity at the college level because they are not motivated to do so. If college athletes are paid, more talents will emerge from the same institutions to compete for the same positions.

  1. Make good use of money earned from college athletics

Perhaps the most important question that one would ask at this stage is, where is the money collected from college sports taken to? Certainly, there is no apparent response to this question. This money should be put to good use by using it to reward the athletes who sacrifice flesh and blood for the money to be earned.


It is demonstrated here that college athletics events generate a significant amount of money that benefits only a few including the sports management, directors, and coaches. Besides, college athletes entertain, market their institutions and perform several other roles when they participate in athletics events. Based on the observed facts illustrated in this article, it is only fair that college athletes are remunerated adequately whenever they take part in athletics competitions