4 words that describe history: Knock Knock, ITS EUROPE!!!

GlaciersSlow moving masses of ice and snow
PeninsulaLand almost surrounded by water but still attached to the mainland
LoessA rich soil
TundraPlot community made up of grass, moss, etc.
TaigaA thick forest
PollutionA harmful material released into the enviorment
Constitutional monarchyThe monarch is the ceremonial leader
ParliamentThe British legislative
Cradle-to-graveA system of basic services for citizens at every stage of life
GDPTotal value of all goods and services in a year
Cultural borrowingAn exchange that takes place when groups come into contact and share ideas, language, customs, and even food
PrivatizationPrivate ownership of buisness
Iberian peninsulaMade up of Spain and Portugal
Cultural diffusionSpread of culture
DeportationBeing sent back to ones home country