Chapter 5 and 13 Quiz

The name of the Digambara branch literally means what?sky-clothed.
Hylozoism, the metaphysical philosophy of Jainismsees life in everything, even what is inanimate.
Nanak like the Hindus, believed in what?reincarnation and karma.
The religions of Sikhism first developed in what territory?The Punjab region of India and Pakistan.
What was Nanak’s name for God?True Name
Sallekhana meansHoly death
The Jains consider Mahavira to be what?The twenty-fourth “crossing-maker”
Jains believe that perfected soulsdissappear from the world and live at the top of the universe
What is the Adi Granth?the most important Sikh scripture
Jainism seems to be most strongly concerned aboutbreaking the power of bondage to the physical world.
One of the requirements of the Khalsa wasno alcohol
Jain monasticism has split into how many branches4
What is the sangat?a Sikh religious group
Jainism was a strong influence on who?Ghandi
Jainism places great emphasis onahimsa
What item worn by the Sikh Khalsa symbolizes strengths?Steel bracelet
The center of the Sikh religion is atAmritsar
How many Sikh gurus were there before the human line ended10
Most Jains practice the devotional activity calledpuja
What was the theme of Nanak’s teaching?There is no Hindu, there is no muslim
Jains allow and even recommends what?gentle suicide after a long life of virtue
Jainism sees reality as made up of what?life(jiva) and nonlife(ajiva)
Some Sikhs want aSikh nation, separate from India
Mahavira meanshero or great man
What is a Sikh temple called?gurdwara
Adi Granth meansoriginal collection
Jainism as taught by Mahavira, emerged in India about the time of what other great teacher?Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha
Tirthankara is the Jain name that is translated as acrossing marker
The Jain worldview holds that a Creatordoes not exist
The worldview of Sikhism is similar to the Hindu philosophical school called…Sankhya