Art History – Modern Art:Modern Art in Europe 1900 – 1945

What do the forceps in the image above represent?maybe c. the pain and suffering she suffered from a terrible accident
Most Latin American countries were against _____________.c. imperialism
Avant-garde artists often created modern art _____________________________.c. rooted in their countries cultures and histories
What does the painting above depict?c. a man controlling the universe through technology
Who is the artist of the image above?c. Xul Solar
What is imperialism?a. the expansion of a nation’s authority through territorial conquest
Where did the Mexican muralist movement get their inspiration?c. from both Mexican folk art and Renaissance frescoes
The majority of Frida Kahlo’s work is _______________.b. autobiographical
Which of the following is a common art form in Mexico?a. murals
How does the artist demonstrate her heritage in the image above?d. all of the above
(flat organization is inherently Cuban; the lace, and local hibiscus flower, and heavy black outlining; a depiction of stained-glass windows)
What does most of Frida Kahlo’s work depict?a. her split between her European and Mexican identity
To the right and left sides of the man in this painting are representations of different political ideals. ___________ is represented in the images to the right of the man and ___________ is represented in the images to the left of the man.b. Communism; Capitalism
Which of the following is necessary to build a skyscraper?b. metal beams
Who designed the building above?

a. Frank Lloyd Wright
What was the idea behind the design of the building above?c. to reflect America’s increasing worship of business during the early twentieth century
What is the name of the piece above?c. Fallingwater
What characteristics identify early modern architecture?a. emphasized organic shapes and materials
Who designed the building above?

a. Mary Colter
Prairie houses are________________________.a. irregular in plan, two stories high, with one-story wings
How did Frank Lloyd Wright believe a home should interact with the landscape?a. the house should be in the landscape
Who designed the building above?

b. Cass Gilbert
How did the term “prairie style” come to be?d. all of the above
(The roofs and terraces that jut outward into the environment echo the horizontal space of the prairie. Homes were built in prairie states and were influenced by prairie landscape. The windows are arranged in long rows and are deeply cut into the brick walls, which adds a fortress-like quality to the home.)
Which of the following was Frank Lloyd Wright known for?b. creating “organic” architecture that was part of the surrounding landscape
What stylistic influence can be seen in the building above?b. Gothic style cathedrals
The __________________ was one of the first great skyscrapers.d. Woolworth Building
How does the home above create a strong sense of security?

c. the roofs and terraces that jut out
What contemporary modern art element did Aaron Douglas add to his art?b. abstraction
Which of the following is true regarding Georgia O’Keeffe?a. She wanted women to be referred to as “artists” rather than “women artists.”
How did Alfred Dove take a risk with his art?d. all of the above
(He experimented with creating the visual equivalents of phenomena. He was more fascinated by the external world than other artists. He was one of the few American artists to experiment with abstraction early on.)
Who was the critic and philosophy professor who helped begin the Harlem Renaissance?b. Alain Locke
_____________________ later formed the Ashcan School.b. The “Eight”
How did the architect create a central focus in the building above?

b. He organized it around a central chimney.
How was modern art in America different from Europe?b. The focus was on abstractions of the external world.
What does the image above depict?b. a symbolic representation of a German officer
What was the Ashcan School?c. a group of artists that often depicted gritty New York City life
In modern art, the emphasis was placed on ___________ and ___________ through art.b. symbolism; expression
Who is the artist of the image above?

a. Marsden Hartley
How did the modern art movement in America start?c. with Realism
How does the image above fit within the Modernist mold?b. the enlarged flowers become abstracted, and have symbolic meaning
What was the Armory Show?c. an exhibition of modern artists in New York
Who is the artist of the image above?

a. Georgia O’Keeffe
Who is the artist of the image above?

b. John Sloan
What skill does the above photograph showcase?c. the artist’s ability to showcase photography as a real art form
What was Alfred Stieglitz’s role in Modernism in America?c. both A and B
(He aided in the development of Modernism, He was an advocate for photography as art.)
What personal feelings does the artist depict in the image above?c. how cramped and confining the city is
Who is the photographer of the image above?c. Alfred Stieglitz
What did Alfred Dove borrow from European Modernists?c. interest in abstraction and creating representations for things that were not easily represented
What did the New Negro Movement encourage artists to do?b. seek their artistic roots in traditional African art
Jacob Lawrence was the first African American artist to _________________________.a. gain acclaim from whites in the New York art world
What was the goal of the New Negro Movement?a. It encouraged African-Americans to become politically active and racially conscious.
Who is pictured in the image above?c. Jacob Lawrence
What does the piece above symbolize?c. freedom and equality for blacks
Who painted the image above?b. Aaron Douglas
What is depicted in the image above?a. the movement from slavery until modern time using silhouetted figure
Which of the following is not one of the themes frequently depicted during the Harlem Renaissance?b. suffering
What does the piece above depict?b. the exodus of African-Americans from the rural south to the urban north
Based on your knowledge of the artists in the lesson, which of them painted the image above?b. Aaron Douglas
The painting above was one of ______ panels.c. sixty
Which of the following artists especially embraced the New Negro Movement in their artwork?b. Aaron Douglas
The Harlem Renaissance was influenced by the migration of African American citizensb. from Southern cities to Northern cities, including New York, Chicago and St. Louis.
Which of the following provided the inspiration for the piece above?Not B, Not A
Based on your knowledge of the artists in the lesson, which of them created the image above?
(Bronzish Harp)

d. Augusta Savage