ART 1100 quiz chapter 15 and 16

The Pont du Gard, in Nîmes, France, is an excellent example of which element of architecture?arch
Which of these previous architectural styles does Emilio Ambasz’s ACROS building most resemble?Mesopotamian ziggurats
The Romans created larger interior spaces in architecture than the Greeks becausethey combined the use of the arch with the use of concrete.
The Arts and Crafts Movement was started in England byWilliam Morris.
American glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany inspired which design movement?Art Nouveau
The International Style is a type of architecture marked byaustere geometric simplicity.
Which work was the centerpiece for the 1889 Paris Exposition?the Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, is an example of which architectural style?Gothic
Frederick Olmsted conceived of what common architectural concept?the suburb
Louis Sullivan utilized which type of construction in the late 19th century in Chicago to build increasingly tall buildings?steel and reinforced concrete
The Anasazi cliffside caves at Mesa Verde show the roofs of what elements which are the underground spaces for ceremonial life?kivas
Which of these is not a basic principle of “green architecture”?buildings that make maximum use of energy supplies like coal and nuclear power
Charles and Ray Eames’ Side chair, model DCM demonstrates which feature of design in the 1940s and 1950s?curvilinear design
The page opening of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer Newly Augmented was designed byWilliam Morris.
Where was Constructivism developed?Russia
Which nineteenth-century building by Joseph Paxton could be considered an early example of the relationship between new technology and architecture?the Crystal Palace
The Romans perfected which architectural innovation by the end of the first century bce?the dome
Thomas Coram’s View of Mulberry House and Street is a good example ofarchitecture conforming to its local environment and available technology.
What were the visual characteristics of art and design produced by the Dutch art group known as De Stijl?They eliminated all colors except primaries and black and white.
What building method was used for the construction of the Egyptian pyramids?load bearing
The Bauhauswas an influential design school in Germany.
Le Corbusier was an architect and designer who prioritizedthe manufactured and modular.
The Seagram Building, designed by Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe, is a perfect example ofthe International Style.
Frank Lloyd Wright designed several houses that were based on the “vastness of the western landscape” and were “of the land, not just on the land.” What did he call this style of house?the Prairie House
Robie House is a typical work by the architectFrank Lloyd Wright.
Gothic cathedrals, such Amiens, shared many characteristics with which earlier style of architecture?Romanesque
The designer of Does It Make Sense?, April Greiman, is a pioneer in the field ofdigital technology in advertising.
The first fins to appear on an automobile were on the 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood. Its designer, Harley Earl, was inspired bythe design of the P-38 “Lightning” fighter plane.
Gerrit Rietveld’s famous Red and Blue Chair is a summation of which principle of design?De Stijl
How did Gothic architects compensate for the lateral thrust of the cathedrals?with flying buttresses
It is thought that the sloping sides of the pyramids in Egypt were intended to mimicthe rays of the sun.
Historically, architectural styles and building techniques have been dependent uponenvironment (the lay of the land and climate) and technology (available materials and the ability to manipulate them).
In 1919, in Weimar, Germany, who founded the influential design school Bauhaus?Walter Gropius
Johnson and Burgee’s University of Houston, College of Architecture is said to be a postmodern building because it:borrows from many different styles and time periods.
Cassandre’s Dubonnet advertisement is a good example ofConstructivist design.
To Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus school, what was the ultimate creative activity?architecture
Which of these best describes Frank Gehry’s design process?it is fluid and experimental