A Review

What is grab my essay?

On their landing page, the site describes itself as the premier website for all kinds of essay writing services. site offers a wide range of customized and professional essay writing services. In its catalog, the site provides services in dissertation writing, proofreading, copywriting, academic paper writing and editing. It goes without saying that the site’s catalog of writing services is a long one.

Is it ethical to pay for your essay writing?

Getting one’s essays done is an effortless way of saving both mental resources and time. Consequently, students can get a lot of work done in college when they purchase essays online. College students have a lot of activities but limited time. During such time crunches, the essay writing aid provided by online custom essay writing services can go a long way in helping a student find the perfect balance for all the activities they are involved in without feeling overwhelmed.

The trend of hiring professional writers has also grown in almost all levels of academics. Studies show that most students in secondary and tertiary institutions of learning get overwhelming loads of academic assignments. Some students opt to have their essays completed online because they are not familiar with the necessary writing techniques and the research needed in completing the work assigned to them. Consequently, writing and research work usually comes with frustration, depression, and confusion among students. offers writing services for students in various levels of the academic ladder. With a simple click, overburdened and overwhelmed students can place an order for their assignment without breaking a sweat. Even though online essay writing services are irrefutably very convenient for most students, the big question is: “Who exactly are these professionals that write academic essays for students for cash?” Also, “How ethical is essay writing?”

The demand for high-quality and impeccably written custom essays is continually rising. Subsequently, the number of custom essay writing services is also growing. As a result, there has been sustained quality due to the competition of the rivaling numerous writing companies.

Having explored all the probable issues on the quality of essays of these online writing services, it is also essential to examine the ethical implications of purchasing essays from professional writers. Is it advisable to allow or encourage students to buy essays from these services? Are these services even legal in the first place?

Interestingly, despite the negative ethical implications of online essay writing services, the actual companies offering these services are licensed entities legalized to ply their trade in their respective countries. Nevertheless, when it comes to the matter of morality, the critical point to take into consideration is the intended purpose of purchasing the essays. Essay writing services, primarily, offer students the best and easy ways to cheat through their academic career. However, when purchasing the essays, clients are advised to refrain from submitting the purchased essays passing them as their own work. Instead, the students are advised to use the pieces of work bought as guides to help them enhance and improve their skills in writing.

Most higher learning institutions have honor codes that prohibit students from submitting purchased essays for credits. The institutions argue that it is morally wrong to turn in another individual’s work for credit. This honor code applies to both plagiarized and bought work. The bottom line is, in spite of the continually growing popularity of the custom essay writing companies, the services offered by these companies cannot be said to be ethical.

Design of

Visiting the site, one is greeted with numerous texts explaining their services. Additionally, there are buttons that a client would use to place an order for any of their services. Most information about the service and how to go about ordering for a paper is jammed into a single place. The texts explaining how to place an order on the site and the advantages of using their site are quite lengthy.

Social Media Presence

A search on the most popular social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook yielded positive results for the social media presence of GrabMyEssay. This implies that the site’s social media presence is available, making it much easier for new clients to discover it. These results on the online presence of GrabMyEssay spell great prospects for expanding their market reach. In this era of smartphones and Twitter, the social media platforms offer a great way for either an individual or a company to advertise their services. It is imperative for any company to audit their social media presence. If one does not have a strong social media presence, it is advisable to have one created.

Essay Quality Review

My personal experience with GrabMyEssay was when I was in urgent need of an academic paper. It is worth to note that my paper was supposed to be a 750-word essay. After choosing the most qualified writer to do the work, I remembered to include a proofreading option which cost me an extra 2.50 dollars for each page. I expected impeccable work considering the price that I paid for the paper.

The paper’s quality was satisfactorily done, however, not impeccable. Most of the content was adequately written and structured. The paper had a few logical and grammatical errors, but nothing too serious and incorrigible. The work gave me the impression of the writer as a dedicated and determined individual, but still had some room for improvement.

The paper that I ordered on this site was on “Impacts of the Big Data” which was required to be written in APA format of citation and referencing. The paper that submitted was correctly cited and referenced.

Final Words

All in all, the GrabMyEssay team succeeded in creating an excellent image for the site since the landing page promises a lot. The site’s rating would be an undeniable five-star one if they could have managed to avoid a few minor errors in the work submitted. On the other hand, the site’s policies scale is a little tilted to their advantage and their writers. The company should have been more considerate of their clients when formulating their policies.