Chapter 8- Study Guide: Persuasive Messages

Persuasive in today’s businesses focuses oninfluencing others
Persuasive is necessary when your audience is ________ about your idea.Skeptical`
which statement about persuasion in today’s society is MOST accurate?Todays persuasion is different from persuasion used in previous times.
Which of the following statement is MOST accuratePersuasive messages are sent faster and reach greater audiences today
As a persuasive writer, you should practice all of the following EXCEPT:offering a bribe or kickback to ensure that you win over your audience.`
Most persuasive request should be organized _____?indirect
Which of the following messages would MOST likely require the indirect strategy to persuade an audience?Requesting favors and action from co-workers
When using the indirect strategy in a persuasive message, WHERE you should place the reason and explanations?Before the main idea
Sammie is planning a persuasive request. What advice should the following for the OPENING of her request?capture the readers attention and intrest.
Which is the MOST effected opening for a persuasive request that invites a state representative to speak.your patriotism and leadership in the House of Rep. have improved the quality
In the body of a persuasive request, you can reduce resistance byshifting readers attention though praise and compliments
On behalf of your civic orqanization, you are inviting a motivational speaker to your semiannual meeting. In your request you guarantee the speaker an enthusiastic audience and a postitive impace ont he community, both of which emphasize ______________ benefits to the reader.indirect
The closing of a persuasive request should _______motive action
Choose the best closing for a message requesting the receiver support for a proposed change in a benefit plan.Contacting me by December 1 about your support of his new benefits plan will allow me to present this proposal at the next strategic planning session.
persuasive clain messages are also called _____ messages?complete
Persuasive claim or complaints messages are often written when?wrong shipments are delivered, products are damaged, mistakes in billing occur.
Effective persuasive claim messages present a ______ with clear factslogical case
when developing a claim message, you should?include copies of relevant materials, describe the problem without providing a long, detailed account of the issue, close the message by clearly specifying what you want done.
When writing persuasive claims or complaint messages, you should adopt ________ tone to describe the problem and the action you are seeking to resolve the problem.moderate
Mukhail’s claim has been persuasive complaint at work.reasonable and, pride to company name.
Graciellea is making a persuasive complaint at work. Which of theses sentences will be most effective in achieving goals?For the past two weeks, fax machine 223-51 has been unavailable to complete essential business for 25 of our employees due to income service. Please ensure our equipment is repaired by Friday.
which statement about today’s organization and their employees is most accurate?Executives today rely on persuasion to achieve buy-in from subordinates.
Which of the following situations would MOST likely require persuasion within an organization?Asking employees to accept a pay cut to avoid layoffs or plant closing.
All of the following messages to subordinates would use the indirect strategy EXCEPTInstruction to poerate the new phone system installed in all offices
Which of the following is MOST accurate about the use of persuation in business?Honesty is not just the best policy; its the only policy.
As a manager, Corbin must inform his staff that all employees must now contribute more to their health insurance premiums. What advice should Corbin follow when delivering his messages?be honest and provide the important reasons for increase cost
You want to prose a workplace change to your employers. Which is the BEST advice for you?Focus on how much money the proposed change will save the company.
Which statement about direct-mail messages is MOST accurate?Direct mail is an effective channel for personalized, tangible, three-dimensional messaged that are less invasive then telephone solicitations
Choose the BEST advice to craft an effective direct-email sales letterPresent information completely, using a personalized tone
Learning to compose effective sales and marketing messages benefits you because ____________.Technique for sales writing can be applied in any persuasive communication.
Your PRIMARY goal in writing a sales or marketing messages is to ____________.avoid attention to your messages
Professsional marketing and salespeople follow the AIDA strategy in their sales messages because it is effective. What does AIDA represent?A- attention, I- intrest, D- desire, A-action
When you sue the AIDA persuasive approach, your first task is to gain the reader’s attention. Which of the following represents your second step, or I task for AIDAdescribe the benefits a product or service offers and makes rational or emotional appeals.