36 Art History: Characteristics of Modern Art in America

How was modern art in America different from Europe?b. The focus was on abstractions of the external world.
What does the image above depict?b. a symbolic representation of a German officer
What was the Ashcan School?c. a group of artists that often depicted gritty New York City life
In modern art, the emphasis was placed on ___________ and ___________ through art.b. symbolism; expression
Who is the artist of the image above?


a. Marsden Hartley
How did the modern art movement in America start?c. with Realism
How does the image above fit within the Modernist mold?b. the enlarged flowers become abstracted, and have symbolic meaning
What was the Armory Show?c. an exhibition of modern artists in New York
Who is the artist of the image above?


a. Georgia O’Keeffe
Who is the artist of the image above?


b. John Sloan
What skill does the above photograph showcase?c. the artist’s ability to showcase photography as a real art form
What was Alfred Stieglitz’s role in Modernism in America?c. both A and B
(He aided in the development of Modernism, He was an advocate for photography as art.)
What personal feelings does the artist depict in the image above?c. how cramped and confining the city is
Who is the photographer of the image above?c. Alfred Stieglitz
What did Alfred Dove borrow from European Modernists?c. interest in abstraction and creating representations for things that were not easily represented