Career Planning And Development

Luke is going to school to get a degree in Veterinary Medicine. He wants to work in an animal hospital after he graduates. Which of the following job options would be most beneficial to Luke’s career while he is going to school?d.
Work an entry level position at a veterinary clinic
A(n) ______ is a series of related jobs built on a foundation of interest, knowledge, training, and experience.c.
Investing in yourself and your career often requires you to “play it safe”.F
Transferable skills necessary for successful employment include _____.d.
all of the above
If you know how to think critically and have excellent problem solving skills, you are said to have strong _____.b.
thinking skills
Your _____ is the way you use your time, energy, and resources.b.
Candice’s first job was at the grocery store making deli food. While in culinary school, she worked part time in a restaurant kitchen, and after finishing school, she found a position as a head chef. With her growing experience and advanced education, Candice has been able to _____.b.
move up the career ladder
By working in a series of positions with increasing responsibilities, the owner of Stonegate Gardens has built her interest in flowers and plants into _____.c.
a career
Your lifestyle is determined by _____.d.
all of the above
If you have excellent reading, writing, and scientific literacy skills, you are said to have strong _____.d.
basic skills
Meagan became a costume designer because she enjoyed spending time and sharing ideas with others interested in movies. Which of the following best describes why Meagan works?b.
to be around others
Jessica has intrinsic job satisfaction, because she enjoys the tasks she does at work each day.T
Stereotypes are impossible to overcome.F
Today, almost every career path is open to men, but women are still limited in which jobs they can have.F
“All doctors should be men, because they are better at math and science,” is an example of a _____.b.
gender stereotype
An example of a work stereotype is that _____.a.
news reporters are nosy
The portrayal of jobs on TV and in the movies is usually accurate.F
In some countries, the work a person does is mandated by their parents.T
A(n) _____ is a general belief about a person or group of people that may not be true.d.
People work for many different reasons, including to be around others and to make a contribution.T
The economy has an impact on _____.c.
employment and unemployment
As the demand for goods and services increases, job growth _____.a.
_____ are different, even within the same job.b.
In order for the economy to be strong, businesses must _____.a.
produce goods and pay workers
As the demand for goods and services decreases, job growth _____.b.
You would most likely find _____ in an informal workplace.c.
flexible hours
Since a ski instructor can only teach people to ski when there is snow on the ground, this job is considered seasonal.T
You would most likely find _____ in a formal workplace.d.
strict rules
The military is a formal workplace in which workers _____.b.
have to follow a set schedule
To be out of work is to be employed.F
Advances in technology are constantly changing how people work and conduct business.T
A war begins between two countries, causing a need for thousands of new workers to produce uniforms and weapons. What factor that affects the labor market is represented in this situation?c.
World event
Career selection should be based on salary alone.F
One disadvantage of telecommuting is feeling socially isolated.T
The Department of Transportation built a new highway interchange outside of Raymond’s town. Many of the businesses are suffering because the amount of traffic in town has been reduced. This is forcing employers to reduce their number of employees. What factor that affects the labor market is represented in this situation?b.
Government action
The _____ is the way in which each country’s economy links to other countries’ economies.c.
global economy
The number of minorities in the workforce is _____.b.
The global economy _____.c.
has eliminated some jobs in the United States
A man-made world event that would affect the labor market would be a(n) _____.c.
The following factors affect the labor market EXCEPT:d.
In choosing a career, your personal resources are defined as _____.b.
who you are and what you have to offer an employer
Personal decisions are not related to career decisions.F
The best way to approach your career choice is to _____.a.
follow a logical decision-making process
An example of a difficult work decision would be:c.
Deciding to relocate in order to gain a promotion
The decision that would most likely require the use of the decision-making process.b.
Deciding on a car to buy
The first step in the decision-making process is to _____.a.
define your wants and needs
For every decision you make, there is a trade-off.T
Which of the following is an example of a result of personal decisions?c.
The friends you have
Reggie suddenly decided to drive to the Grand Canyon, because he had never seen it. He didn’t even have a map showing him how to get there! Reggie made a(n) _____.b.
impulse decision
The final step in the decision-making process is to make a decision.F
If you like to spend time outdoors working with plants and animals, you have a(n) _____.d.
naturalistic learning style
Employers may require job candidates take a personality test to make sure they are the right fit for their company.T
It is possible to possess elements of more than one learning style.T
If you like having lots of friends, talking to people, and joining groups, you have a(n) _____.a.
interpersonal learning style
The kind of person you think you are best defines the term _____.d.
A person with a poor self-concept is more likely to be hired for a position, because they are easier to “mould”.F
Having a realistic self-concept means you see yourself as you are, not what you want to be.T
Being aware of your personality type is important, because some personality types fit a particular career better than others.T
All of the following are personality tests EXCEPT:b.
Gardner Personality Test
If it is easy for you to learn another language you have a(n) _____.b.
verbal/linguistic learning style
Justine was interested in learning how to play the piano. She has successfully passed every level of music book and is planning her own concert. What stage of ability development is Justine at?c.
Even though Yvonne is terrible at playing tennis, she could still consider it an interest of hers.T
Justine was interested in learning how to play the piano. She has been playing some basic songs, but still gets a lot of help from her teacher. What stage of ability development is Justine at?b.
Ramona enjoys her job because she is able to help kids in an after school program. The work value Ramona feels strongest about is _____.d.
work with people
A(n) _____ is something a person wants to get out of a job or that brings them job satisfaction.b.
work value
A successful biologist’s main interest area would be _____.b.
A successful photographer’s main area of interest would be _____.b.
the arts
Jobs that require you to use your aptitudes are typically unrewarding.F
Justine was interested in learning how to play the piano. Before she was allowed to even play the piano, she has had to learn about the parts of the piano, and how to read notes. What stage of ability development is Justine at?a.
When working on developing an ability, it is important to get feedback to know how you are doing.T
A short-term job or work project that can be paid or unpaid and can lead to a full-time, paying position is called a(n) _____.c.
A source can be either primary or secondary.T
When conducting research, you should check gathered information against other sources to make sure it is credible.T
Terrell’s science class volunteers at the pet shelter each week and assists with keeping the puppy cages clean. Combining academic work with a community project is an example of _____.b.
service learning
Rowan is interested in becoming a florist. Her mother’s best friend works at the local flower shop and has agreed to let Rowan observe what she does after school for a week. This is an example of _____.b.
job shadowing
Who does work-based learning benefit?d.
All of the above
_____ is short-term employment that may allow you to develop contacts that may help in finding a permanent jobb.
Temp work
The older a Website is, the more credible it is.F
There are pros and cons for doing temp work.T
A librarian is often the best resource for finding information within the library.T
Bachelor’s degrees are typically earned in _____.d.
4-5 years
Graduate degrees in the fields of law, business, and medicine are considered to be _____.a.
professional degrees
If you work 52 weeks/year and 40 hours/week, how many hours would you work in one year?c.
Different jobs within the same profession may require more or less education.T
If you do not complete high school, you are typically paid more than those who pursue post-secondary educationF
Most jobs today require post-secondary training.T
Post-secondary education and training is an inexpensive and minor investment.F
Issac just completed his master’s degree in regional planning, if he wants to continue his education even further, he could pursue his _____ degree.d.
When considering the education and training a career requires you must be aware of _____.d.
all of the above
In order for a teen to have a successful business, they must to do all of the following EXCEPT _____.c.
ignore customer satisfaction
The advantages of being an entrepreneur are _____.b.
flexibility, independence, and salary potential
The three traits an entrepreneur must possess to be successful are _____.c.
sight & foresight, decision making, and motivation
Entrepreneurs are self-motivated and recognize opportunities around them.T
In order for a person to recognize needs that are not being met and make a career out of fulfilling unmet needs, that person must have _____.b.
sight and foresight
An entrepreneur’s life has few challenges, few risks, and minimal rewards.F
Buying an existing business _____.c.
allows the owner to build upon the goodwill of previous customers
A business’ success depends on four key factors: financing, location, management, and _____.c.
If you purchase a franchise, you get to keep all of the profits you make.F
A person who organizes a business and then runs it is called a(n) _____.a.
A medium-term goal takes _____ to accomplish.c.
1-5 years
An apprenticeship involves _____.a.
hands-on experience in a skill
A privately run institute that trains students for a particular profession is called a _____.b.
trade school
A personal career profile form evaluates two sets of data, _____.a.
personal information and career information
You can give numerical ratings to possible career choices to help determine if they are right for you by creating a(n)_____.c.
personal career profile
Which of the following factors should a student consider before selecting a college?d.
All of the above
What is one of the newest ways to receive education and training for your career?a.
online learning
Continuing education opportunities allow adults to _____.d.
all of the above
A personal career profile form can be used to match what you know about yourself to what you know about different careers.T
Match the association type with the person that best fits the description: opportunistic associationd.
the man you met while walking your dog
Match the association type with the person that best fits the description: professional associationd.
your doctor
Meeting others through volunteer work is the most common way people expand their network.F