how to write an essay

Some people struggle writing a good essay and others have challenges in organizing their essay in a perfect manner. However, essay writing could be quite easy if a certain procedure is followed. The tips provided below are meant to make your essay writing to be as simple as a walk in the park. Following the process highlighted will help you write a perfect essay without any challenge.

8 Steps to Writing a Perfect Essay

  1. Gain important facts about the subject
  2. Brainstorming of ideas before writing
  3. Start with an outline
  4. Prepare a tentative thesis
  5. Write an intriguing intro
  6. Make the body of your essay non-trivial
  7. Finish with style
  8. Proofread and show essay to your friends, parents

If you have challenges in writing a perfect essay, you need to take into account the guidelines provided here. By following these tips, you are likely to enjoy writing essays regardless of the topic covered.

Gain important facts about the subject

A number of writers make a mistake of writing an essay before gaining sufficient knowledge on the subject. However, to write a perfect essay, it is very important to gather adequate information on the subject area. This will assist you to take into account the various perspectives taken by different researchers. Further, it will allow you to note critical facts that should be quoted in the body of the essay. Therefore, before you start writing your essay, ensure that you have a deep understanding of the subject so much so that you become familiar with the topic.

For example, if your essay topic is on the impact of currency and trade wars between China and the U.S., it is important to read a number of writings that have been done on this matter. Ensure that important facts that are gathered from the various sources are summarized and cited in the essay. In addition, it is critical to record the references and a list of such provided at the end of the essay.

Brainstorming of ideas before writing

After acquiring a lot of information regarding the topic, one might be left confused and thus unable to identify the important information. This problem could, however, be eliminated by brainstorming the ideas with fellow students. Group discussions on the essay are therefore helpful before one starts writing the essay. This will provide you with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the topic. Remember to identify arguments that are most critical from these discussions, note the important references that you might have overlooked and clarified areas where you were not too sure. Your colleagues could offer useful suggestions on how to approach the essay. However, care needs to be taken to avoid copying or plagiarism since your essay needs to be original. Keep in mind that plagiarism is a very serious offense in academic writing.

Start with an outline

Once you are clear about your essay and the important thoughts to be articulated, it is useful to come up with an outline which is a summary of the most critical facts that should be communicated. The outline helps to organize the essay and provide a structure that will be followed. The essay will categorize the essay into a number of manageable topics and subtopic. Avoid having too many topics or subtopic since this might be confusing to the readers.

Prepare a tentative thesis

Writing thesis statements is usually the biggest challenge for many students which could be avoided if these statements are written well before the actual essay is put down. Ensure that you come up with a number of them and then narrow down on a few. The statement should be short but include all the main points that are to be addressed. While writing, it is important to ensure that one does not stray from the main points. The whole essay should be developed around the thesis statement. Remember that your essay should have adequate facts and information from credible sources.

Write an intriguing intro

The introduction is supposed to provide your position on the topic and thus should be captivating. Start the essay with a “hook” that is meant to grab the attention of the readers and thereby making them read further. Remember to state the thesis statement chosen from the various tentative statements written earlier. Finally, ensure that you write a sentence that highlights the information that the reader should expect from the body of the essay.

Make the body of your essay non-trivial

The body part of the essay is supposed to give the reader important arguments and facts regarding the subject. These should be well referenced to past research thus ensuring that the information is adequately supported. Each fact ought to be discussed in a distinct paragraph with important information summarized together with the appropriate examples. Ensure that the sources of each of the facts gathered are properly cited using the applicable referencing style such as Harvard or APA. Some of the credible sources of information could include Proquest, Emerald Insight or Google Scholar. On the other hand, open sources such as Wikipedia and online blogs are not useful sources of research information. Facts provided need to convince readers regarding the position provided by the thesis statement. Avoid introducing too many arguments without the necessary facts. Depending on the subject matter, you might, however, be required to discuss one or two views and then back them with research.

Finish with style

The conclusion of the essay ought to be written in style with the aim of ensuring that the reader is well convinced about the arguments provided in the introduction and body of the essay. The conclusion must always start by restating the thesis statement. All points need to be tied together by addressing all the arguments discussed in the body. Ensure that you provide a summary of all these arguments thereby providing proof of the thesis statement.

Proofread and show essay to your friends, parents

Many students make the mistake of failing to proofread their essays and thus submit articles with glaring grammatical and spelling mistakes. There are a number of online platforms such as that could assist you to identify grammatical errors or typographical errors.

Ensure that your spare time to proofread your essay. As much as possible, print a copy of the draft and read it marking the areas where revisions are necessary. Once you are done with correcting the errors identified, consider sharing the paper with a friend or parent who will assist you in improving your essay. Your parents, for instance, might even be experienced in the subject area and thus help you improve your writing skills.