What is an Informative Essay?

1.1. Definition

An informative essay is a form of writing that imparts forthright information and facts to a reader. The piece does not include personal opinions, and it is meant to educate and not to persuade. While writing this type of paper, the author considers a logical sequence of points.

Informative essays are mainly objective. They only inform and educate concerning the topic. Some essay writers say that informative essay is similar to an expository essay, but this is not necessarily true. Unlike informative pieces, expository essays convey information, shares opinions and afford explanation and supporting evidence.

1.2. Purposes of Informative Essay Writing

The primary objective of informative pieces is to educate on a given issue, and not to convince or give views or change somebody’s belief.

This type of writing conveys information that is new to most readers; hence it adds to their knowledge.  An informative essay can incorporate the latest information about the topic in question. Informative writing can also be useful when explaining multifaceted terms and providing an analysis of cause-effect relationships. You can also use the informative essay to compare and contrast conflicting opinions.

List of Possible Topics for Informative Essay Writing

  1. Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a significant problem across the world. Although it is a general topic, you can narrow it down to a specific drug. For instance, you can focus on alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine or any other primary type of drug. In so doing, you will do your research and writing easy and manageable.

  1. Inflation

Inflation refers to the proportion at which the general cost of goods as well as services is increasing, leading to a fall in the purchasing power of a given currency. It is a worldwide problem, and it can make an excellent informative essay topic especially for business and economics students. You can write about the various causes of inflation, the effect it has on the economy of a country and the measures the government can take to either prevent or reduce it.

  1. Financial Crises/Recession

Like inflation, financial crises can make an excellent topic for an informative essay in business or economics realm. The term financial crises refer to a situation where some financial assets lose a significant portion of their nominal value. You can write about its cause, major financial crises that have happened in the past, and ways of circumventing such crises.

  1. Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is a condition that affects a significant portion of the population in any country. It is an eating disorder that can have serious health consequences if not checked.  Some youths, especially aspiring models, suffer from this disorder, yet most of them do not know anything about it. Writing an informative essay about the condition, its effects on the health of a person and possible remedies for the disorder can be a good idea.

  1. Obesity

Changing lifestyle has led to an increase in cases of obesity around the world. It is a significant health problem in developed countries like the UK and the United States. The worrying fact about this condition is that it affects any person from children to adults. Obesity can, therefore, make a good subject matter for your writing. You can focus on either obesity in children, adolescents or adults to make your paper easy.

  1. Poverty in the Third World Countries

Poverty is a significant problem in the less developed countries. A substantial percentage of the population in these countries lives in deplorable conditions. Some do not have access to basic needs like education, food, and clothing. You can write about the factors that lead to poverty in these nations, and the possible solution to the challenges. For instance, you can focus on the way developed countries can ship in to help these people, among other things.

  1. Terrorism

Terrorism is a major threat to international peace. The worrying fact is that, despite the efforts of the US and other countries to fight this vice, it is continuing to grow. In the United States and several other countries, Homegrown Terrorism is slowly taking shape.  You can prepare an informative essay about the factors that lead to terrorism, what the world can do to eradicate it or at least alleviate its effects, and so on.

  1. Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants are present in every country. One thing that makes this topic interesting and suitable for an informative paper is the manner in which some governments are trying to end the influx of illegal immigrants into their countries. For instance, Trump’s administration has used all means including separating children from their parents at the Mexican border. This move has attracted a lot of criticism from the international community.

  1. Gun Violence

Though gun violence may be a minor problem in most countries, it is a significant problem in the United States and a few other countries. Several people, especially students have died as a result of gun violence. You can write an informative essay about the causes and the means that governments can employ to reduce this problem.

  1. Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a significant challenge in most families. This form of conflict has a substantial impact on children and women, and it can even lead to loss of lives. Despite the efforts of governments in various nations to end this problem, many children are still suffering at the hands of wrangling parents. You can draft a paper about this issue, covering the causes, effects and potential solutions to the problem.

  1. Abortion

Abortion, which refers to the premature termination of pregnancy, can also make a good subject matter for an informative paper. You can write about the factors that lead to abortion, the ethical and unethical sides of the practice, and the effects it has on the person and his family. For example, you can write about the psychological, physical and social implications.

  1. Cyber Security

Technology advancement has come with its challenges, the first one being cyber-security. Nowadays, hackers can find their way into your computer and steal valuable information. They can also access company systems and take money bringing business organizations on to their knees due to huge losses.

There is a lot you can write on cyber-security, including the measures that companies can put in place to prevent cybercrime, and how you can stay safe while using the internet.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things can make a good subject matter to write about in an informative essay. This technology advancement has come with many benefits including machine to machine communication, information, and task automation among several other merits. If you can conduct some research on IoT, you will find out that there is a lot that you can write.

  1. Organic Farming

Organic farming is a good topic especially for people who care much about health. You know that the majority of people nowadays grow food using chemicals. These chemicals find their way into your body when you eat the food. When you grow food organically, you do not use pesticides and other chemicals that may affect your health.

You can write to inform people how they can grow food using this method or where they can get food that has been produced using this safer method. You can also describe the various advantages of growing food organically or eating food that is grown this way.

Common Structure of Informative Essay

Informative essays have three main parts namely: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

3.1. The Introduction

This part expounds on your interpretation of the title. It states the topic that you will cover in addition to the basis of your discussion. The introductory paragraph also carries the thesis statement of the essay.

3.2. The Main Body

This section contains your arguments and evidence in support of the thesis statement. It has several paragraphs where each of them carries a discussion about one central point. In this part, you show how your ideas relate to the title and the main arguments in the body paragraphs.

3.3. Conclusion Paragraph

Here you provide a synopsis of the main views of the essay. You also reaffirm your critical points and clarify on the way you reached your deductions. In the closing sentence of this section, you provide a statement that links your deductions back to the issue under discussion.

List of Tips on how to start Informative Essay

  • Use an attention grabber at the beginning- the attention grabber can be surprising information, a short story or a concise explanation of your topic which encourages the reader to continue reading your work.
  • If the attention grabber is short, add a few sentences to connect it to the thesis statement.
  • End the introduction with the thesis statement.

List of Tips on how to write Body of Informative Essay

The body is the middle part of the essay, and it can have three or more paragraphs.

Each paragraph of the body section has the following basic structure:

  • Topic Sentence- this part should summarize the primary idea of the paragraph.
  • Supporting Information- refers to the evidence to support the main point. The information should provide enough information in support of the points.
  • Concluding sentence- restates the critical idea of the paragraph, but in different wording

Points to note regarding the body section:

  • For your essay to look good, the paragraphs should be three to four sentences long.
  • Avoid using too long sentences, and also remember to use simple but precise language.
  • Each body paragraph should discuss one critical idea of the essay.
  • Remember also to use transitions between sentences and paragraphs.

List of Tips of how to conclude Informative Essay

The last part of informative essays wraps up the paper together into a cohesive piece. You, therefore, need to ensure that it is well-written.

The basic format of the final paragraph is as follows:

  • A transition followed by a restatement of the thesis statement
  • Summary of the primary ideas of the body section of the paper
  • A clincher or closing sentence that provides a linkage between conclusion and the subject matter of the essay.

Here are the steps to follow when writing the last paragraph of your paper:

  • Restate your thesis using different words to avoid repetition or redundancy.
  • Provide a precise description of the critical points of the writing.
  • Finish with a strong closing statement or the clincher. In this sentence, you can clarify the importance of the thesis statement.

Caffeine Addiction (300 word Informative Essay Sample)

The majority of people in the world start each day by taking in the most common and widely consumed drug worldwide: Caffeine. They consume food and drinks containing this drug every day, and some of them ingest more than the recommended quantity. The amazing thing is that most do not know that caffeine is a drug and that it can have adverse effects on their health. They are not aware that excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to addiction.

Caffeine is a form of an alkaloid found in plants. Examples of plants containing this substance are coffee, tea, and cocoa. The alkaloid works as a stimulant or a psychoactive drug when ingested. That is, it affects the nervous system and the working of the brain. A small dose of caffeine leads to increased attentiveness, augmented endurance as well as heightened brain activity. High doses of the alkaloid, however, can lead to addiction and even loss of life.

Caffeine finds its way into our bodies via ingestion. The drug usually is present in stuff like tea, chocolates, and soda. Caffeine pills and supplements are also available in the market. After consumption, caffeine enters the bloodstream through the stomach lining. Users typically feel its effects after about sixty minutes.

Caffeine to a significant number of people is essential for them to awaken in the morning. Others require it to stay awake for long especially at night. However, doing this can be very dangerous as the users will become increasingly dependent on the substance.

Caffeine is a plant alkaloid present in some foodstuffs and beverages such as tea, chocolate, and soda. Excessive use of caffeine causes addiction and severe health problems. After ingestion, the substance affects the brain leading to increased brain activities and alertness. High quantities of caffeine in the body cause dependency, and there is a possibility for loss of life.