How To Stop Racism

We live in the beautiful world. Modern society in it develops so swiftly, it makes huge steps into the future, and inventions make people envious of themselves. Despite this, we are surrounded by many troubles that should have disappeared from the Earth thousands of years ago. But we observe them and hope that someday we will manage to cope with them. One of these problems is racism. How much time has passed since its appearance, how many great minds have tried to find a solution to this problem – it surrounds us and if we do not find a way to overcome it, racism will continue to hurt the souls of millions.

How can we, simple people, stop racism? Each of us is a drop, but if we unite, we will become an ocean, stormy, strong, powerful, which will wash all this dirt from the planet. We have to become kinder to others, learn to respect them in spite of their race, skin colour and eyes. «What kind of America do people want to leave for their children? What horrors are down the road, stuff that was unthinkable 30 years ago?”(1) If we struggle now, later we will be able to teach our children and disseminate the same type of kind attitude towards others around us by our example.

It is not easy to become a cultured and tolerant person. It is even more difficult to say something and protect your fellow if you are a witness to the situation when he is insulted and humiliated. Do not be afraid to stick up for people. Say that all of us are equally beautiful and this guy should not be like stupid people and be guided by stereotypes about someone unlike you. Resisting, you will set an example for others who are also afraid to do the right thing. “I must be cruel, only to be kind.”(2) – said one loved by everyone genius.

Instead of insulting other nations and races, people should look at their culture, their country, and be imbued with their history. In order not to be the source and bearer of negative emotions and actions, one must direct his energy to creation and education. Having shown sincere interest, it is impossible to remain indifferent. After talking to souls, it does not matter for anybody what the complexion is. Joint work unites and this is also a good option how to remove the boundaries in the minds of people.

When humanity begins to create, develop, expand their horizons, travel and treat people as well as we could – our world will finally become kind. No one will compare themselves with each other and give an assessment of who is good who is bad. All of us are people. We are all the same. And we are all beautiful in our own way. Value it and never judge a book by its cover.


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