Chapter 8 Quiz

Which population group has the highest rate of smoking.Native American/American Indian
Which of the following is TRUE of drinking and driving.Over the last 20 years, the percentage of intoxicated drivers involved in fatal crashes has decreased
The main site of alcohol metabolism is the.liver
The depressant effects of alcohol become apparent at a blood alcohol concentration of..10 percent
The water that is pulled out of the body due to alcohol’s diuretic effect is from.cerebrospinal fluid
Marketing of tobacco products currently targets all of the following except.affluent citizens in high-income areas
One standard drink equals.12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounces of 80 proof liquor
Approximately 20%of alcohol is diffused through thestomach lining
When women drink alcohol during pregnancy, they can cause significant brain damage and other impairments in the fetus; this condition is known as.fetal alcohol syndrome
What is the percentage of alcohol in 100 proof whiskey.50%
The process by which addicts get an addictive substance out of their system as part of ending their dependence on it isdetoxification
Jeff has been drinking a lot over the past few months, including frequent binges. His friends are concerned that this behavior puts him at risk for a condition that involves a potentially lethal blood alcohol concentration. Which condition is this.Alcohol poisoning
How long does it take for the average adult to metabolize four 12-ounce beers.4 hours
Which statement BEST summarizes what happens when particulate matter condenses in the forms tar, a thick, brownish sludge
Which of the following is a TRUE statement.Tobacco is known to cause about 20 diseases