Chapter 5 history

According to Aristotle, true knowledge could be discerned from which of the following?Observations of the real world
After defeating Athens in the Peloponnesian War, Sparta was defeated in 371 B.C.E. by what city-state?Thebes
After Philip II of Macedonia unified Greece, he called upon Greeks and Macedonians to do which of the following?Work together to liberate the Ionian colonies from Persian control
Archimedes’s many contributions to Hellenistic science include his theories about which of the following?Hydrostatics
Athens and Persia began a series of wars over Greek cities in what region?Ionia
How did the geography of Greece affect its development?It was a divisive force in Greek life.
How did the Lycurgan system in Sparta shape its political organization?It led to the creation of a society ruled by an aristocratic, warrior elite.
How did the Spartan military view same-sex relationships between Spartan soldiers?They were viewed as advantageous because lovers would fight harder to defend one another.
How was the daily life of Greek elites similar to the lives of more ordinary people?They had a relatively modest material standard of living.
How was the Greek polis different from older models of city-states?The polis was a community of citizens.
Philip II of Macedonia was able to conquer Greece because the Greek city-states wereunable to put aside their quarrels and unite to defend themselves.
The crowning achievement of Pericles’s rebuilding of the Acropolis was the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to which of the following?Athena and the greatness of Athens
The spread of Hellenistic culture was bolstered by Alexander’s tradition of doing what in his newly conquered territories?Founding new cities with mixed populations
What crime was Socrates tried and executed for in 399 B.C.E.?Corrupting the youth of Athens
What did Alexander the Great do in Egypt once he had conquered it?Ordered the construction of the city of Alexandria
What did Epicurus believe was the principal good of human life?Pleasure, which he defined as the absence of pain
What did Hippocrates think was the best way to treat illnesses?Use natural means to address imbalances in the four basic humors
What did the philosophy of Stoicism strongly emphasize?Living a virtuous life
What did Thucydides believe caused the Peloponnesian War?Human greed and desire for power
What does the term oligarchy mean?“The rule of the few”
What happened to Alexander’s empire following his death?His empire was torn apart by more than forty years of civil war.
What important position did Solon hold as he reformed Athens?Archon
What Mediterranean island did Athens invade during the Peloponnesian War?Sicily
What two law-making bodies guided Athenian political life?The boule and the ecclesia
What was an agora?A marketplace
What was Aristarchus’s most important contribution to astronomy?He believed that Earth and the planets revolve around the sun.
What was the main function of women from citizen families in Athens?To bear and raise children
What was unusual about slaves in Athens?The contests were unifying factors in Greek life.
What was unusual about slaves in Athens?Slaves were paid for their work.
Which early scientist dissected corpses to learn more about anatomy and physiology?Herophilus
Which of the following contributed to the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War?Athenian imperialism
Which of the following is true of Spartan women?They enjoyed a more active, public life than most other Greek women.
Which of the following is true of the Hellenistic city?It resembled modern cities and served as both a cultural and economic center.
Which of the following is true of the Minoans?They formed a society that lived on the island of Crete.
Which of the following refers to heavily armed Greek foot soldiers?Hoplites
Which of the following were major exports from Greek cities during the classical and Hellenistic periods?Olive oil and wine
Which student of Socrates developed the theory of “forms”?Plato
Why did Alexander’s eastward expansion of his empire stop at the Hyphasis River?His Macedonian army refused to continue fighting.
Why was the growth of great empires (like those in Mesopotamia and Egypt) less likely to develop in ancient Greece?The rugged terrain discouraged expansion of any one center.
Why were slaves in high demand throughout the Hellenistic world?Manual labor continued to produce most goods.