Career Planning: Career Expectations

When considering the education and training a career requires you must be aware of _____.all of the above
Issac just completed his master’s degree in regional planning, if he wants to continue his education even further, he could pursue his _____ degree.doctoral
Financial assistance intended to aid students in reaching their educational goals is called aid
Graduate degrees in the fields of law, business, and medicine are considered to be _____.professional degrees
According to the chart, which of the following career areas is NOT declining?Information Services
A person with a _____ is expected to earn an average of $52,200 each year.Bachelor’s Degree
If you do not complete high school, you are typically paid more than those who pursue post-secondary educationFalse
If you work 52 weeks/year and 40 hours/week, how many hours would you work in one year?2080