Active Directory – Ch 10-12

What are the servers at the top of the DNS hierarchy called?Root servers
The typical query one DNS server sends to a root name server is called a(n) _______.recursive query
The domain name part of a DNS name is _______ and consists of two or more words, separated by ______.hierarchical; periods
What do you call the source responsible for maintaining a domain’s resource records?Authoritative source
When using DNS for name resolution only, why should a company consider using DNS servers outside the network perimeter?Less traffic crossing the network perimeter
At what level of the DNS hierarchy are actual hosts, apart from the root servers?At the second-level domain level
Who is responsible for the ratification of new top-level domains?Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
What is the character limit on individual domain names, and the limit on the Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)?63; 255
Concerning DNS, what is negative caching?When a DNS server receives information about a non-existent host
A DNS server receives updated information. Other DNS servers have outdated information cached. What determines the amount of time that the old DNS data remains cached on a server and an update might occur?Time To Live (TTL) specified by each DNS server’s administrator
What is the default TTL for a Windows Server 2012 DNS server?1 hour
Why is the DNS service included in Windows Server 2012 integrated with DHCP service?To allow a DHCP server to request a DNS server to update or create a record.
You registered the domain name The FQDNs and are examples of different _____.subdomains of
When a DNS server communicates a name resolution query to another DNS server, what type of datagram is used, and over what port?UDP; 53
Concerning DNS domain hierarchy, what are examples of global top-level domains?.com, .net, .org
What are some best practices when creating internal DNS namespaces?Avoid an excessive number of domain levels.
What is the primary purpose of name caching?Name caching enables the second name resolution request for the same name to bypass the referral process.
What client applications utilize DNS to resolve host names into IP addresses?All Internet applications working with host names must use DNS to resolve host names into IP address.
What is the primary benefit of a DNS forwarder?Reducing the traffic and making efficient use of available bandwidth across the network perimeter
What DNS server represents the top of the DNS hierarchy?Root name server
What DNS server is never the authoritative source for a domain, but only serves to resolve names?Caching-only server
What DNS server normally sends iterative queries to another DNS server?Forwarder
What DNS server is responsible for maintaining a particular domain’s resource records?Authoritative source
What service does Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provide?Configures the IP address and other TCP/IP settings on network computers
DHCP standards define multiple methods to allocate IP addresses. What are they?Dynamic, automatic, and manual
For DHCP address allocation, by how much is network traffic reduced related to periodic lease renewal messages when switching from dynamic allocation to automatic allocation?100 percent because dynamic address allocation requires periodic lease renewal messages whereas automatic does not
How are DHCP settings labeled in a Windows computer’s network interface?Obtain an IP address automatically
What is the first packet sent to a DHCP server when a computer boots up?DHCPDISCOVER
How do DHCP servers respond to a DHCPDISCOVER message?DHCPOFFER
How does a DHCP client communicate which offered IP address it will accept from which DHCP server?The client sends a DHCPREQUEST message to all servers with the IP address of the chosen DHCP server.
During DHCP lease negotiation, what happens if the client requests an IP address from the server but the server has already assigned the offered IP address?The server responds with a DHCPNAK message to the client.
What is the default lease period for DHCP dynamic address allocation?8 days
How far into the lease period does a DHCP client begin requesting renewal of the IP address?50 percent, or at 4 days into the lease
What are the advantages of using a distributed DHCP infrastructure?All the client/server network traffic is local, so minimal DHCP traffic on routers AND Clients have ready access to DHCP servers
Select two methods to regulate and minimize the amount the DHCP traffic on an enterprise network.Increase the length of the IP address lease time AND Use a hybrid DHCP infrastructure with DHCP servers at all local locations and relay agents in other subnets
What is the impact on network traffic when decreasing the length of the IP address lease time?Increase of network traffic
How does DHCP scope creation differ in Windows Server 2012 compared to prior Windows Server versions?In Windows Server 2012, creating the scope is done separately, after adding the DHCP Server role.
When planning a hybrid DHCP infrastructure, what kind of network traffic should administrators want to eliminate?WAN
What kinds of servers should NOT be DHCP clients?Domain controllers, Internet web servers, and DHCP servers
To make use of Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) and Windows Deployment Services (WDS), what special configuration do you need on the server and client?The DHCP server on the network must have a custom PXEClient option (option 60) configured with the location of the WDS server on the network.
What is the key benefit of DHCP manual IP address allocation over manually configuring the IP address by person?This prevents accidental duplication of permanently assigned IP addresses.
Your DHCP servers are burdened with heavy traffic, most related to IP address renewals. Unfortunately, virtually all the IP addresses in each of your subnets are allocated. Which option is the best way to lower the renewal traffic?Deploy additional DHCP servers on the most burdened subnets.
What DHCP infrastructure model relies on having a DHCP Server on every subnet?Distributed
What DHCP infrastructure model relies heavily on relay agents instead of DHCP servers?Centralized
What DHCP infrastructure model suggests scattering DHCP servers on subnets throughout the enterprise, but substituting DHCP relay agents for DHCP servers on some of your subnets?Hybrid
What is the primary reason IPv6 has not completely replaced IPv4?Administrators are hesitant and reluctant to change.
What is a subnetting method that enables you to place the division between the network bits and the host bits anywhere in the address, not just between octets?CIDR
How does Classless Inter-Domain Routing help reduce waste of IP addresses?subnetting method that divides between network bits and host bits anywhere, not only between octets
Your company environment includes Windows Server versions 2003, 2008 and 2012. Desktops range from Windows XP and Vista. To transition to IPv6, what versions have IPv6 support running by default?Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and Vista.
What is the technology intended to help transition IPv4 networks to IPv6, by expressing IPv4 addresses in IPv6 format?6to4
What is an example of Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) in IPv4?A Windows workstation assigns itself an address on the network
What is a tunneling protocol that emulates an IPv6 link using an IPv4 network, primarily for Windows workstation operating systems?ISATAP
What is the primary benefit of the IPv6 address space over the IPv4 address space?number of possible hosts and networks
Given the IPv6 address: 21cd:001b:0000:0000/8, what does the “/8” at the end signify?network bits
Rather than manually assign IPv6 addresses to computers, how can administrators ensure each Windows computer receives a link-local unicast address upon starting?Stateless IPv6 Address Autoconfiguration
What is an example of a valid IPv4 address?
Your company environment includes Windows Server versions 2003, 2008 and 2012. Desktops range from Windows XP and Vista. To transition to IPv6, what versions have IPv6 support running by default?Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and Vista
In general terms, there are three ways a computer receives an IPv4 or IPv6 address. Which of the following is NOT one of them?peer allocation
What IPv6 address type functions to identify the routers within a given address scope and send traffic to the nearest router, as determined by the local routing protocols?anycast address
What is Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)?ISATAP emulates an IPv6 link for use on an IPv4 network.
Given the IPv6 address: 21cd:0053:0000:0000/64, what does the “slash 64” at the end signify?network bits
In the IPv6 space, what is the equivalent of a registered IPv4 address, routable worldwide and unique on the Internet?global unicast address
What is a Network-layer routing technology that enables a group of workstations to share a single registered address?Network Address Translation
As defined by the original Internet Protocol standard, what are the three classes of IP addresses used for networks, and what differentiates them?Class A, B, C, differing by how many bits distinguish the networks from the hosts
Certain IPv6 addresses can be contracted. Which of the following answers is the contracted form of 21cd:0053:0000:0000/64?21cd:53::/64
In the IPv6 space, what kind of network address do systems automatically assign themselves, similarly to an APIPA address in IPv4?link-local unicast address
What encapsulates IPv6 packets within User Datagram Protocol (UDP) datagrams between two registered IPv4 nodes in order to traverse IPv4 networks?Teredo
What is an example of a valid IPv6 address?21cd:0053:0000:0000:e8bb:04f2:003c:c394
In the IPv6 space, what are the equivalent of the,, and private network addresses in IPv4?unique local unicast address