AP Human Geography Chapter 9 Section 3

GDIGender-Related Development Index
What does the GDI compare?The level of women development with both sexes
GEMGender Empowerment Measure
What does GEM compare?The ability of women and men to participate in economic and political decision making
What does GDI penalize?Penalizes a country for having a large disparity between the well-being of men and women
What does GDI reflect?Differences in accomplishments and conditions of men and women
3 GDI Factors-Economic indicator of gender differences
-Social indicator of gender differences
-Demographic indicator of gender differences
Economic Indicator of gender differencesPer capita female income as % of per capita male income
Social Indicator of gender differences# of females enrolled in school compared to # of males and %of literate females compared to literate males
Demographic indicator of gender differencesLife expectancy of females compared to males
What is the number of complete gender equality1
Women may have lower —- to menGDI
MDC and LDC for GEM share the qualityfewer women hold positions in economic and political power
How is GEM calculatedBy combining 2 indicators of economic power and 2 indicators of political power
Economic indicators of empowermentPer capita female income as a % of per capita male income and % of professional and technical jobs held by women
Political indicator of empowerment% of administrative jobs held by women and % of members of national parliament who are women
GEM is high in what countries?North America, Europe, and Oceania
GEM is low in what countries?Africa and Asia
GDI compared to GEM shows what about women?Women posses greater share of countries resources than they do power over allocation of those resources
Which is lower in every country when being compared to each other? GEM or GDIGEM is lower