Chapter 7 Study Guide (Human Geography)

Ethnicity is important becauseit is a bulwark for diversity in the face of the globalization of culture.
Elements of nationalism include all butpolitical structure.
The concept that nationalities have the right to govern themselves is known as the right ofself-determination.
Denmark is a good example of a nation-state becausenearly all Danes speak Danish and live in Denmark.
Which of the following is not a strong centripetal force in the United States?the many ethnic groups living in the United States
Loyalty and devotion to a state that represents a particular group’s culture isnationalism.
What was apartheid?the geographic separation of races in South Africa
South Africa is the only state in southern Africa thatfirst elected a Black as president during the 1990s.
Balkanization refers tothe breakdown of a state due to conflicts among nationalities.
The breakup of Yugoslavia during the 1990s was caused by
rivalries among nationalities.
The most important centripetal force in Yugoslavia before its breakup was theunit of currency.
Most Africans shipped as slaves were sent toSouth America.
As part of the triangular slave trade system, ships bound for Europe carriedrum and molasses.
After World War II ended, millions of people were forced to migrate because ofchanges in the boundaries of states.
One reason for forced migration in Ethiopia was thecivil war with the Eriteans.
Large-scale migration occurred in South Asia after 1947 primarily because of theseparation of religious groups.
Which of the following is not an element of cultural diversity?race
The most numerous ethnicity in the United States isLatinos/Hispanics.
African Americans are clustered in what area of the United States?Southeast
Asian Americans are clustered in what area of the United States?West
Latinos and Hispanics are clustered in what areas of the United States?West, Southwest
Los Angeles has what kind of ethnic distribution?clustered
The largest Hispanic/Latino groups in the United States are from which two countries?Puerto Rico and Mexico
The largest proportion of Asian Americans are fromChina.
Native Americans and Alaska Natives make up what percentage of the total United States population?1
Ethnic identity for descendants of European immigrants is primarily preserved throughreligion and food.
Which is the most dramatic change in the geographic distribution of African Americans in the United States?relocation to northern cities
From 1910 to 1950, population density of African Americans in ghettosincreased.
Race isself-identification with a group sharing a biological ancestor.
Which does the United States Census Bureau not consider a race?Hispanic/Latino
The “separate but equal” doctrine was legally established byPlessy v. Ferguson.
People who were restricted by covenants in deeds included all butCaucasians.
White flight isemigration of Whites from an area Blacks were anticipated to move to.
Neighborhood changes in ethnicity are best explained by the promoting ofblockbusting.
A nation or nationality isa group of people tied to a place through legal status and tradition
In the United States, which is shared by all Americans?nationality
Nation-states in Europe were formedby drawing boundaries.
Traditionally the most important unit of African society was thetribe.
The former Soviet Union used which as the primary centripetal device?language
Which describes the nationality of the United Kingdom?British
Ethnicities in the same country come into conflict whenthey have traditions of self-rule.
Sri Lanka has continuing ethnic conflict betweenSinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus.
A nationality is typically distinguished by all but which of the following?sovereignty


Conflict over territory in the Middle East is strongest forPalestine.
Until it was forced to withdraw its troops in 2005, most of Lebanon was controlled bySyria.
The Lebanese civil war resulted when the country broke down because ofchanges in the majority between religious groups.
The process when a group forcibly removes another group is calledethnic cleansing.
As Sudan’s religion-based civil war was winding down, an ethnic war erupted in the region ofDarfur.
Globalization has effected Africa in all butethnicty
Why is Slovenia a good example of a nation-state that was carved from the former Yugoslavia?most of the residents of Slovenia are Slovenes
What concept united Eritrea’s nine major ethnic groups after gaining independence from Ethiopia?national identity
Which of these nations can be defined as a multinational state?United Kingdom
Countries in the Middle East with long traditions of nationality include all butIsrael.
What are the six major ethnic groups of Somalia called?clans
Within a country, clustering of ethnicities can occur at two scales. What are the two scales?region and neighborhood
Israel captured four territories during the Six Day War of 1967. The only one of these territories returned to the country from which it was captured is theSinai Peninsula
People were forced to migrate in South Asia during the 1940s because of linguistic disputes.False
Nation-states in Europe were formed by nationalities.True
Israel is an ethnically homogeneous country.False
Clustering of ethnicities is most pronounced at the neighborhood level in the United States.True
Ethnic groups in the United States are cooperative.False


Slavery has occurred around the world though it has been abolished in the United States.True
The U.S. Civil War was fought to keep eight pro-slavery Southern states from seceding from the Union.False
African American northward migration followed the major U.S. highways.True
The term ghettos identifies only the African American neighborhoods in the United States.False
Asian, White, Black, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander are all terms of self-identification.True
Detroit subsidized African American immigration from the South which alleviated tensions and maintained the ethnic mix.False
Nationalism is an important example of a centrifugal force.False
Denmark is a completely homogeneous nation-state.False
Ethnicities can be transformed into nationalities.True
Nationality is the biggest source of conflict in the world today.True
The Balkan states broke down because of ethnic conflict, which might end in peace through the tragedy of ethnic cleansing.True
17 million people forced to migrate in South Asia in the late 1940s because of the partition of India and Pakistan on the basis of religious conflict.True
Asian Americans are clustered in California, Hawaii and Maine.False
African Americans are clustered in northern cities.True
Alaska Natives are clustered in Texas.False
Native Americans are clustered in the southwest and plains.True
Russia fought to prevent Chechnya from gaining independence because Russia feared other ethnicities would also attempt independence and they didn’t want to lose large deposits of oil.True
Cultural self-identification in the United States includes ethnicity, race, religion, and religion.True
Slavery is a kind of voluntary migration.False
When apartheid ended in Kenya, Nelson Mandela became the first black to be elected president.False
Collectively the nationality of all groups who live in the UK is English.False
A nation-state is the most stable state, because the boundaries of the state follow those of the nationality.True