“I’m rather upset” is more powerful language than “I’m upset. T/FFalse
A perfectl worded “I” message delivered with total sincerit will ensure that the other person will not get defensive. T/FFalse
High-level abstractions can be useful as verbal shorhand between two people who know each other well. T/FTrue
“No” is so clear and short that it is one of the few words that is never misinterpreted in any intercultural exchange. T/FFalse
Women use more indirect and elaborate ways of talking than men do. T/FTrue
Men and women report using language for different purposed. T/FTrue
Communication researchers call the process of adapting one’s speedch stle to match that of others convergence. T/FTrue
Language can shape our perceptions of the world. T/FTrue
Which of the following statements best illustrates a fact?
a. “It’s clear you shouldn’t have said that.”
b. “Fact number one; you said a dumb thing.”
d. “I heard you tell Tim you weren’t interested.”
e. ” You should have thought about the result of saying you weren’t interested before you opened you mouth.”
d. “I heard you tell Tim you weren’t interested.”
A friend told you there was a ” good chance” that he would come to your party. when he didn’t show up you were upset. The semantic problem you experienced was due to
a. emotive language
b. relative language
c. equivocal words
d. euphemisms
e. semantic distracters
b. relative language
“Frank is lazy” is an example of which semantic problems?
a. equivocation
b. relative language
d.static evaluation
e.none of the above
d.static evaluation
You think Angelique’s behavior is “arrogant.” Your friend describes the same behavior as “self-confidence.” An argrument over who is right would revolve around
a. syntactic rules
b. the language of responsibility
c. emotive language
d. sequential placement
e. linguistic determinism
c. emotive language
Nonverbal communication is not as effective at conveying thoughts or ideas as it is at conveying attiudes and feelings.T/FTrue
In social transactions, the higher status person is generally the more rigid, tense-appearing one, whereas the one with lower status is usually more relaxed. T/FFalse
Gestures can be intentional or unintentional. T/FTrue
By making another person wait, you could be sending messages about status, whether you intend to or not. T/FTrue
Those with good noverbal communication skills benefit in a number of areas, including career success and popularity. T/FTrue
Nonverbal commincation plays a less important role in identity management than verbal communication. T/FFalse
Student who were shown interior home photos accurately indentified that the homes communicated:All of the these choice are correct.
Studies of nonverbal posture behaviors have found that:tension and relation of muscles can indicate status differences
All of the following statement are true except which areNonverbal message of the face and eyes are easiest to read
All of the following are characteristics of nonverbal behavior except which are:Nonverbal behavior is clear and unambigous
Edward T. Hall’s Distance Zones are:intimate, personal, social, public
The nonverbal term for brief flashed of emotion in the face ismicroexpressions
An indicator of deceptions isAll o these choices are correct may be indicators of deception
According to research, most listeners retain 70 percent of a message for several weeks. T/FFalse
A good listener will always state her own judgment of the situation so the other person knows where she stands on the issue.T/FFalse
Since paraphrasing may not always be accurate, speaking tentiatively allows the other person to make a correction. T/FTrue
Accurate analysis of a problem may arouse defensiveness. T/FTrue
According to your test, most people usually try their best to listen but their effectiveness is limited primarily by biological factors. T/FFalse
Insulated listeners respond only to the parts of you remarks that interest them. T/FFalse
Listening fidelity refers to the degree of congruence between what a listener understands and what the message-sender was attemping to communicate. T/FTrue
Making sense of message is related to which element of listening?understanding
When we stud semantic rules, we learn that:understanding occurs as a result of users agreeing on the same meaning for words.
In nonverbal communication, studies of leakage deal with:deception signals
Interrupting is a form ofstage hogging
Giving only the appearance of being attentive is termed :pseudo-listening
“I think that the reason you’re so confused is that you’re trying to make everyone else happy and forgetting your own happiness.” This statement is what type of listening response ?
a. supporting
“Sure it’s unfair. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. Life is unfair, so you’re crazy to let it bother you. This statement is what type of response?
a. supporting
b. judging
d. paraphrasing
e. parroting
b. judging