Chapter 12 and 13

By motivating us to satisfy our physical needs hunger and thirst sere tomaintain hommeostasis
need is to __ as drive is to ___food deprivation; hunger
Orexin is an appetite hormone secreted by thehypothalamus
destruction of the __ causes an animan to _____Ventromedial hypothalamus; overeat
The concept of a set point is relevant to the understanding of the experience ofhunger
Lindsey is extremely afraid of becoming obese even though she is underweight. She often checks her body in the mirror for any signs of fat and refuses to eat most foods because she insists they are fatty or high in calories. Lindsey most clearly demonstrates symptoms of: *anorexia nervosa
Our ________ is said to be a gauge of how socially accepted we feel. *self esteem
. Personnel psychology is one of the main sub fields of: *industrial organizational psychology
Foolish conformity to peer pressure is most likely to be motivated by ________ needs. *belongingness
The recipes commonly used in countries with hot climates are more likely to include ________ than those in countries with colder climates. *spices
After spending years in the ocean, a mature salmon swims up its home river to return to its birthplace. This behavior is an example of: *an instinct
Some students work hard in school in order to attain high grades. This best illustrates the importance of: *incentives
In poorer nations, subjective well-being is especially likely to be influenced by satisfaction with one’s ________. In wealthier countries, subjective well-being is especially likely to be influenced by satisfaction with one’s ________. *financial circumstances; home life
A starving rat will lose all interest in food if its ________ is destroyed. *lateral hypothalamus
. The secretion of PYY _________ hunger and the secretion of orexin ________ hunger. *decreases increases
n an attempt to lose some of the weight she gained from binge eating, Melissa uses laxatives and exercises until she is exhausted. Melissa most clearly demonstrates symptoms of: *bulimia nervosa
Over the past 50 years, the incidence of anorexia nervosa has steadily increased. This is most clearly attributable to:cultural ideals of beauty that increasingly encourage thinness.
When asked what is most necessary for a happy and meaningful life, most people first mention the importance of satisfying their ________ needs. *belongingness
During the last presidential election, many voters were dissatisfied with both candidates nominated by our two major political parties and felt like voting was a matter of “choosing the lesser of the evils.” This is an example of which type of conflict? *avoidance-avoidance
Mary Anne has to decide whether to attend a party for which she did not get invited until it is too late to avoid being home late and getting grounded. This is an example of which type of conflict? *
The stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine are released by the ________ gland in response to stimulation by the ________ branch of the nervous system. *adrenal; sympathetic
In order, the sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome is: *alarm reaction, stage of resistance, stage of exhaustion.
When would you expect that your immune responses would be weakest? *during exam weeks
During which stage of the general adaptation syndrome is a person especially vulnerable to disease? *stage of exhaustion
One effect of stress on the body is to: *suppress the immune system.
When Mr. Morgan misinterpreted his harmless symptoms of autonomic nervous system arousal as indicative of an impending heart attack, he suffered an unusually intense level of fear. His emotional suffering is best understood in terms of the: *two factor theory
Evidence that emotion precedes physiological arousal would be most inconsistent with the _______. Evidence that emotion precedes mentally labeling our physiological arousal would be most inconsistent with the ________. *James-Lange theory; two-factor theory
Antonio’s car stalls in the middle of a railroad crossing just as a train is rapidly approaching. His emotional arousal is likely to be accompanied by: *dilation of his pupils.
Shondra, an experienced member of her high school swimming team, has just recently joined her high school debate team. A high level of physiological arousal during team competition is likely to:enhance her swimming performance but disrupt her debate performance.
Exuberant infants and alert, energetic adults are especially likely to show high levels of brain activity in theleft frontal lobe.
The arousal that lingers after an intense argument may intensify sexual passion. This best illustrates: *the spillover effect.
An approach to lie detection that assesses a suspect’s physiological response to details of a crime known only to police investigators is called the: *guilty knowledge test.
Feigned smiles are initiated ________ abruptly and last for a ________ time than genuine smiles. *more longer
Americans are more likely than Japanese to:openly display their feelings by their facial expressions.
Who suggested that we can stimulate the subjective experience of cheerfulness simply by acting as if we are already cheerful? *William james
If people wrinkle their noses in disgust when presented with a strange-looking food, they are likely to experience an increasingly intense emotional aversion to the food. This best illustrates the: *facial feedback effect.
The idea that anger is reduced through aggressive action or fantasy is known as the:catharsis hypothesis.
Ariana believes that yelling at her husband serves to calm her angry feelings toward him. Her belief is most clearly inconsistent with theJames-Lange theory.
The feel-good, do-good phenomenon refers to the impact of: *happiness on helpfulness.
. A celebrity actress experiences ever-increasing levels of professional acclaim following each successful movie role. Yet with each success, she experiences no more than a temporary surge of subjective well-being. This is best explained in terms of the: *adaptation-level phenomenon.
Which theory suggests that you would not experience intense anger unless you were first aware of your racing heart or other symptoms of physiological arousal?the James-Lange theory
Who suggested that very similar physiological reactions are associated with a variety of different emotions? *Walter Cannon
Activation of the sympathetic nervous systemdecreases salivation and increases blood pressure.
4. Julie will be competing in a basketball free throw contest. Her performance is likely to be ________ if her physiological arousal during the performance is ________. *best; moderate
5. A lie detector is used to monitor a person’s: *respiration.
6. If people who have just been aroused by watching rock videos are then insulted, their feelings of anger will be greater than those of people who have been similarly provoked but were not previously aroused. This is best explained by the: *two-factor theory.
7. Whether we feel angry or depressed in response to a low exam grade depends on whether we attribute the poor grade to an unfair test or to our own lack of academic ability. This best illustrates that emotions are influenced by: *cognitive appraisals.
8. The instantaneous and automatic fear response we experience when unexpectedly stumbling upon a snake illustrates the importance of the: *amygdala.
9. By exposing different parts of emotion-laden faces researchers found that we detect anger mostly from the ________ and happiness mostly from the ________. *eyes; mouth
10. It has been suggested that raising the eyebrows is universally associated with the expression of surprise because this facial expression effectively widens the eyes to enhance the perception of unexpected circumstances. This suggestion best illustrates the: *evolutionary perspective.
11. If you mimic another person’s facial expressions of emotion, you probably will feel increasing empathy for that person. This is best explained in terms of the: *James-Lange theory.
12. Luciano believes that the best way to get over the anger he feels toward his high school teacher is to scream shameful profanities while hitting a punching bag. His belief best illustrates the: *catharsis hypothesis.
13. After receiving exciting news about the birth of a healthy grandson, Mr. Haney was easily persuaded to contribute a generous sum of money to a neighborhood church. This best illustrates the: *feel-good, do-good phenomenon.
14. People ________ the long-term emotional impact of sustaining a paralyzing physical injury and they ________ the long-term emotional impact of acquiring wealth. *overestimate; underestimate
15. Professor Crane was ecstatic when he learned that his research study had been approved for publication. His feelings of joy quickly dissipated, however, when he heard a colleague recently had three different research articles accepted for publication. His declining emotional satisfaction is best explained in terms of the: *relative deprivation principle.