Chapter 11 & 12 Quiz

Shadows and Lightyou must add ___ to a 2D object to convert it to 3D, in addition to defining the texture of each surface of the object
HTML5_____ includes support for creating and displaying animation and is being used by Apple on its iPhone and other products
renderingOne way to create a solid 3D image is to apply highlights and shadows to a wireframe drawing in a process called _____
GIFBecause they are bitmap images, _____ files are larger than most animations created in Adobe
real timeIn an online computer game, each frame that contains animation is producing that animation while you’re playing, or in ______
scannersFlatbed, sheet-fed pen, and handheld are types of _____
computer-aidedArchitects, scientist, interior designers, and engineers use _____ design software to create highly detailed and technologically accurate drawings
Shutterstock______ and Fotolia are examples of web sites where you can download graphics and photos for a fee
resolutionthe clarity of sharpness of an image is called _____
losslessTIFF, PNG,and GIF files can be compressed using _____ compression, so the files contain all of their original data when compressed
video compressionThe moving pictures express group (MPEG) is popular _____ standard
transitionsGraphic that help a viewer know when one scene ends and another beings are called ____
on-demandStreaming media known as ____ us stored on the provider’s server, which allows you to play the media multiple times
media playerto watch video on a computer, you need special hardware plus software known as ____
codeca ___ is technology used to compress / decompress video files
SKDsWindows and Apple offer ___ , which control tools for creating 2D and 3D drawings, game-playing interfaces, and multiplayer control
Angry BirdsSmartphones often come with scaled-down version of games such as _____ to introduce games to users
OLEDHead-mountes displays often use organic light emitting diode or _______ technology
therapeuticWii or Kinect sports games may provide ___ recreation to help stroke and injury victims recover faster
subcategoriesRole-playing, action, educational, and simulations are examples of computer and video game ______
social media siteA site that lets you share information and interact using the internet
collaborative siteA site that lets you read, add, and discuss articles about topics of interest
crowdsourcing siteA site that asks people to contribute to ideas such as designing a new public building
file-sharing siteA site for sending and receiving files using an Internet location
crowdfunding siteA site that asks people to contribute funding to a project
Manufactures are marking an effort to build energy efficient computers and use recyclable cases and packaging.TRUE
Energy vampire devices draw power even when they are turned off or in standby modeTRUE
Before donating computer you should use a program to wipe the hard disk to remove all of its dataTRUE
One reason to move to a paperless society is that printers are becoming prohibitively expensiveFALSE
Refiling ink and toner cartridges unfortunately consumes more energy than manufacturing new ones.FALSE
manufacturerAssemble computer parts
IT departmentSet up computer equipment for other employees
software developerwrite programming code
computer sellerPresent hardware and software that meets a buyer’s needs
The two broad categories of Al applications are conventional Al and computational intelligenceTRUE
An expert system programmed to follow rules specified by an expert in a field.TRUE
Neural networks are patterned after computer networks, with one computer connected to anotherFALSE
Al applications fall into two broad categories: virtual reality and medical diasgnosisFALSE
Speech recognition software does not really use artificial intelligenceFALSE
BYODTrend where telecommuters often take their own computing devices when they go into the office
CAMType of manufacturing where workers use computers in the shop floor to order parts from the warehouse to assemble a custom product
M2MType of communication where a company’s computers can monitor assembly lines and equipment to keep them running safely and efficiently
mHealthTrend where doctors and nurses typically use smartphones and tablets to access electronic patient records
LMSSystem where instructors set Web-based training sites for students to check their progress in a course and take practice test
online bankingPeople use a computer connected to the internet to manage financial accounts
online educationStudents connect to instructors, information, and other students using a computer and the internet
online music serviceListeners can create a personal radio station by listening to songs and then voting for the ones they like or dislike
e-tail Web sitesconsumers read product descriptions and reviews and compare features and prices of similar products
hybrid Web sitesreaders develop and refine news reports by commenting on them and posting contributions