Everything You Need to Know about Essay Pro is a custom essay writing company that offers a wide range of homework help solutions to high school, college or university students. The platform is fit for all those students who are fixed on schedules or do not know how to handle their assignments. Moreover, the company is useful for those who combine work and studies because they might be finding it challenging to manage all assignments given to them by their teachers.

Ethical Issues of Essay Writing to Use

Just like any other essay writing site, applies some ethics when crafting course materials. The site’s main obligation is to help students master their classes by providing high-quality and plagiarism-free solutions. The act of ‘help’ is where the aspect of ethical concern is being stressed on. This seems more reasonable because, apart from offering homework help, the platform provides useful tips and improvements that are expected to be understood by students. All the writers and editors at act like a roommate who can be relied on to check if you did the right thing on your paper.

The platform is also authorized to offer the help to students, which again makes it more appealing for students to pay for the service offered. Despite the fact that some students find it very difficult to pay for services like editing or proofreading an essay (perhaps because the final product might be altered), ensure a paper of better quality is delivered. This sets it off from being regarded as an unauthorized custom paper writing company. also encourages students to purchase essays on the site and minimizes private communication with the writer. This is because all essays and essay writing tips offered by the site are used for ethical purposes to enhance the academic progress of everyone using the site. Due to this reason, expects students to understand the ethical procedures when ordering an essay. Moreover, the site encourages students to avoid just including their names on the paper issued to them and submit the work to the teacher. As mentioned earlier, the site aims at eliminating all fraud by encouraging students to purchase essays and use the information on the paper to learn more about a given subject area.

This aim also brings up the idea of plagiarism that is being hated by many scholars and educational institutions. ensures that all essays include a reference page when asked for in the instructions. Following this ethical order, the site’s writers understand that when a paper is not cited properly, some plagiarized content will obviously be detected. In that case, when the paper is cited, students should take it like a referencing material that can be located in a library.

On the aspect of ethics to be used when uploading papers at, the site relies on writers who are proficient and willing to offer academic writing help on the Internet. The platform ensures that it recruits experienced and qualified individuals who will produce a quality and plagiarism-free essay.

Site Design

The site design holds up quite well among custom essay writing platforms. The main aim of making an appealing design is to make customers find what they need easily by including important pages in the navigation bar. The site design includes the following:

  • Customer’s page: has a customer’s page that is used by clients to place their order and communicate with the support team and writers. This is the only page that customers can use to access all custom writing services from the company.
  • Administrative page: the page is normally private and used by the company’s admin only. The main purpose of the page is to review and rank administrative staff and writers. To be more precise, the page is used by the site’s admin to carry out administrative duties to achieve all the site’s goals and objectives.
  • Support page: this page is used by the support staff to communicate with customers. On this page, customers are allowed to post their assignments and allowed to revisit the same page later to download their solutions.
  • Writer’s page: the website allows writers to create their individual accounts, which must be approved officially by the company’s manager. Approved and qualified writers use this page to communicate and complete their assigned tasks.

Social Media Presence is also active on social media with the aim of marketing their services. The company has an official Facebook page where clients interact with the site’s support team. On the Facebook page, customers are allowed to post their views concerning all the services offered by their writers. The company mainly uses their Facebook presence to market their services and directing interested clients to their official website. also has a YouTube channel and Google+ profile to reach more clients. The site also has a Twitter account where potential clients are allowed to follow them.

Quality of Essays

The writers at always aim at delivering a high-quality and plagiarism-free paper. After using the site to work on an essay, I am pleased to state that the site’s name really matches the quality of the service. I ordered a two-page essay on cybercrime that had to be written in the Chicago formatting style. Having no time and knowledge to do the assignment, I decided to contact the site’s support team to have them work on my paper in 4 hours due to its urgency. The writer handling the paper really drew my attention to the topic by explaining everything in detail like a guru. The final product of the paper was free from plagiarism and up to standard to help me earn a ‘B,’ which was better than what I had anticipated.

Bottom Line

Overall, the website allows users to navigate easily when purchasing or downloading academic papers. Apart from that, the administrative staff and writers at aim at ensuring clients receive a high-quality paper on time while considering all ethics of essay writing.