AP Art History MC #9

According to D.H. Lawrence, “The Etruscans, as everyone knows, were the people who occupied the middle of Italy in early Roman days. . . ” This opens his essay entitled Etruscan Places. This was one of the first modern essays to deal with the Etruscans and their art. What woud be the tone of this essay?That Lawrence highly valued the Etruscans and their art.
The Etruscans shared a common linguistic heritage and religious beliefs, but they lacked?Political Cohesion
What allowed the Etruscan Society to transform itself in the 7th century BCEGreat material wealth
the fibula excavated from the Regolini-Galassi Tomb illustrates motifs borrowed from the Orient, what can consist of Orient motifs?Walking Lions
The column used on Etruscan temples issimilar to what Greek column?Doric
Who provided an invaluable chapter in dexcribing Etruscan temple designVitruvius
During the sixth century BCE Etruscan favored monumental sarcophagi that contained what of the deceased?Ashes
The typical tomb form found at Cerveteri is a?Tumulus
Pedimental sculpture is extremely rare in Etruscan temple architecture, where did the Etruscan’s normally place their narrative statuary?on the peaks of the temple roof
In Etruscan Iconography what symbolized regeneration?an Egg
Unlike Greek temples, Etrusan temples were not meant to be seen as sculptural masses so…The entrance was centered at the front of the structure
What empire fell to Rome after a10-year siege?Veii
The sarcophagus of Lars Pulena was made in the early second century BCE. His expresion was somber; although Lars Pulena is shown recling he is not at a festive banquet what did it truly illustrate?The decline in Etruscan fortunes
How Romanized the Etruscans became in the 1st century BCE is notied in theAule Metele
What was used by archaeologists to explore tomb interiorsa Periscope
The banguet setting sen in the tomb of the leopards takes place inthe open air
the theme celebrated in both the tomb of the leopards and the tomb of hunting and fishing is. . .the joy of life
the center for the bronze cista industry was located inPalestrina
The wide, overhang roof of the Etruscan temple oculd function asa place of shelter
what century marks the incorporation of Etruria into the roman empire?The first
etruscan cemteries werearranged around a center pyramid
Terracotta sarcophagi are most typical of6th century BCE
The etruscans prefered what type of clay for sculpture?Terracota
Etruscan artisans particularly excelled at?metalworking
Etruscan artwas a combination of motion and vitality
the etruscans typically buried their deadin subterranean rooms arranged along a network of streets in a city of the dead
the apulu of veii is made ofterracotta
the wall painting in the Tomb of the leopards portraysbanqueters and musicians
who decorated the ficoroni cistathe argonauts
Who is an etruscan godTinia
The greek historian herodotus declared the etruscans came from?lydia
What century was the Regolini-Galassi tomb created in?7th century BCE
An etruscan temple was entered fromthe front
the etruscan temple differed from the Greek temple because it had?3 cellas
the etruscans preferred what for their templeswood and mudbrick
Most architectural sculpture was made to decorate what part of the etruscan temple?the roof
by the sixth century BCE the etruscans were controlled bynorth and central italy
the etuscans becvame citizens of what empire in the first centure BCERome
Dionysius of Halicarnassus maintained that the Tusci were?Native Italians
the independen spirit and relative freedom etruscan women enjoyed horrifiedgreco-roman male authors