Art, Ch. 11-15 Exam 3

Tomatsu Shomei’s Woman with Keloidal Scars is an example of documentary photography.True
The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti uses ____ as a protest strategy.narrative
Robert Motherwell’s Elegy to the Spanish Republic was made in response to the influenza epidemic of 1918false
The Surrealists believed in automatism, which includes the idea ofintuition
Robert Motherwell believed that abstraction communicated bestthe struggle between life and death
The ____ Codex Barbonicus is a religious calendar that was made during the period of the Spanish conquest.Aztec
Tomatsu Shomei’s photographs are of victims of ____The atomic bomb
David Alfaro Siqueiros protested against the ____.Spanish Civil War
Much of John Heartfield’s art protested against ____.Nazi Germany
The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti was done byShahn
Jacob Lawrence did a series of paintings describing the tribulations ofAfrican American
Yinka Shonibare’s Mr. and Mrs. Andrews Without Their Heads is a parody of a work byGainsborough
Edward Kienholz’s work is based on his experiences as ____.a mental hospital worker
Francisco Goya’s The Executions of May 3rd, 1808, sympathize withSpaniards
Ester Hernandez uses ____ to make her artistic protests.humor
Jacob Lawrence’s artistic style wasflat and simple
Edward Kienholz’s The State Hospital uses ugliness to criticize the way society deals with people it deems incompetent.True
Frida Kahlo’s many self-portraits show her face asunemotional
Chuck Close uses ____ to convey importance in his portraits.scale
Polykleitos invented and applied a system of mathematical proportions called the Canon for the depiction of Greek figures.True
Ritual tattooing was often used on the eastern islands of the South Pacific as part of initiation rites that prepared an individual for adulthood.True
The Doryphoros is idealized in several ways, includingits restrained emotions
A(n) ____ pose depicts a figure standing naturally, with one foot forward and one leg bearing most of the figure’s weight.contrapposto
The Study for the Portrait of Okakura Tenshin showed the Japanese characteristics offlat shapes and contour lines
Doryphoros translates tospear-bearer
Chuck Close is a painter known for making highly idealized figurative paintings based on classical notions of ideal beauty.False
Eadweard Muybridge’s photos of human bodies revealed his ____ attitude towards the human body.detached
Laocoon and His Sons revealed ____ Greek attitudes about the body during the Hellenistic period.changing
Many African sculptures considered the head and ____ as most important.neck
Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet featured ____ to show the artist’s state of mind.thick paint
Nancy Burson’s Faces are portraits of children withunusual faces
A full-body portrait is always a life-size depiction of an individual.False
In Pollock’s Lucifer, the style of painting called ____ involved the motion of the artist’s entire body.action painting
Yoko Ono was part of the ____ movement in New York, which sought to create art as an artist-initiated experience rather than an art object like a painting or a sculpture.Fluxus
The Egyptian ____ canon, begun by Amenhotep III, was a new aesthetic which rejected the rigid, abstract style of the past for a more flowing, elegant, naturalistic approach.Armana
In Medieval Europe, human nature was held in high esteem and images of the body symbolized the purity of God’s divine realm.False
Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet was a vehicle for commentary about ____.the suffering inherent in modern, urban life
Jacques-Louis David’s The Oath of the Horatii revealed that heroic actions were ____.a mark of masculinity
The Guerrilla Girls are a group of artists that ____.protest racial and gender discrimination
Painting from a Cult House done by the Tambaran cult of New Guinea ____ the cult teachings through a narrative.does not illustrate
The artist Tseng Kwong Chi made a series of photographic self-portraits where he posed in front of various American tourist sites to illustrate Asians looking at the West.True
In ancient Egypt, the human body was sculpted in different ways depending on the class of the person.True
In the 1960’s and 1970’s, high profile art exhibitions in prestigious American museums frequently included work by women artists.False
James VanDerZee was a commercial studio photographer whose work was strongly influenced by depictions of female stereotypes in films from the 1950’s and 1960’s.False
Hung Liu examined the Chinese practice of ____.foot-binding
Aunt Jemima is considered a ____.caricature
Kabuki theater was enjoyed by the ____ in Japanese society.middle class
In Papua New Guinea, Sepik men saw their rituals as creating men from infants, usurping women’s procreative power.True
Ancient Romans believed that their ancestry ____.was extremely important
A ____ is a group of people joined by blood or marriage ties.clan
The ancient Greeks viewed Doric architecture asmasculine
Marc Chagall painted in bright colors, like the ____.Fauves
The Northwest Coastal people believed that the thunderbird represented a ____.chief
In Las Meninas, Velazquez places Infanta Margarita at the center of the painting and surrounds her with ____ to reveal her exalted rank.all of these choices
Ceremonies for a clan’s living members took place in Zapotec ____.tombs
Peter Paul Rubens’ Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus revealed that the women of that time were expected to be ____.helpless
In Western culture, architecture is gendered – different styles are associated with certain qualities that are perceived to be masculine or feminine.True
Apricot Blossoms is a lyric painting by MaYuan with ____ by Empress Yang.lines of poetry
John Constable’s works, while Romantic in essence, were the foundation for the ____.Impressionists
Ansel Adams photographs helped raise public support for national parks and for the environmental movement in general.True
In Assyrian culture, the king would kill lions in a public spectacle, called the royal lion hunt, to show his courage and illustrate his power.True
Many Islamic gardens stood for ____.paradise
The ancient Greeks created woman-headed birds called ____.harpies
Ansel Adams’ photographs emphasized the beauty of nature as ____.untouched by humans
In the later years of his life, Claude Monet’s paintings approached abstraction, as ____ became more important than imagery.brushstrokes
Ashurbanipal II Killing Lions is an example of ____ relief carving.Assyrian
Due to technological advances in photography, medical books no longer contain drawn illustrations.False
Gardens were very popular among the ruling class ofAll of these choices
Flowers were often symbols for the Christian religion in earlier times; for example, the iris represented ____.Jesus
Landscapes were popular in China and Japan because ____.cities were noisy, polluted and crowded
Unicorns were first described in ancient Greece and Rome.true
The Incan civilization in Peru produced huge animal drawings by scraping the desert floor to reveal the lighter-colored sand beneath it.False
Satyrs were men with ____ attributes and were prone to drunkenness and sexual excess.goat or horse
Chris Ofili, a British artist of Nigerian descent, often uses elephant ____ in his art.dung
A shaman was believed to be ____ between humans, animals and spirits.a bridge
The European painter, John Constable painted his large landscapes outdoors from direct observation.False
____ are metaphors for humans in Thai, Hindu and Buddhist art.monkeys
Most contemporary houses for the arts are built in architectural styles that reflect modern values of innovation, bold movement or future potential.True
The posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec were influenced by ____.Japanese prints
The first examples of performance art were called ____.happenings
In ancient Greece, art galleries were frequently near temple complexes.True
____ is a relatively early form of animation which uses clay sculptures that are moved and photographed in tiny increments.claymation
The structure of the Sydney Opera House is referred to as ____.functional sculpture
Deconstructivist architecture does not have ____.a unified whole
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is architecturally engineered to display paintings and sculptures at their best.False
The Mayan’s ritualistic ball sport has similarities to the contemporary game of
The opening ceremonies for the Olympic games is an example of ____ – a public exhibition on a grand scale.spectacle
In the Cycladic Islands off Greece, sculptures of ballplayers, musicians and acrobats were found buried in graves.False
The Japanese theater musicians played a stringed instrument called a ____.samisen
Frank Gehry’s architectural works usually lack ____.symmetry
Western theater began as a form of worship of the god ____.Dionysos
The Japanese Bunraku translates to ____.doll drama
The cascading vaults of Joern Utzon’s Sidney Opera House are intended to suggest ____.sailboats
The Sydney Opera House owes a stylistic debt to the architecture of ____.Frank Lloyd Wright
Roman imperial baths, such as the ____ had libraries, art galleries, restaurants, bars, gymnasiums and offered theater performances, public lectures, and athletic contests.Baths of Caracalla
Ancient Greek comedies and tragedies were originally part of ritual festivals dedicated to the deity Dionysos.True
Central Park was designed to be a(n) ____ from city life.retreat