Travelling To Japan

Today, traveling takes an important place in the life of the contemporary person. That’s why the topic actuality lies in the presentation of the problems of the traveling to Japan, description of the best ways of traveling to this country, description of the best showplaces, places where a tourist can eat a tasty and not very expensive food including cafes, restaurants, etc, places to stay including hostels, hotels, etc. Japan is a very exotic country with its special culture particularities. So that, for the reader, it’s very interesting and exciting to get to know a lot of new things about the traditions, culture, food, architecture, art, theatre, and a lot of other things.

How to start this essay?

If you are interested in that how to start an essay on this topic, I’ll tell you about this and provide you with the example of the introduction. The first you need to write is an answer to the question of why you have chosen this country. Also, you should describe, which particularities it has and what it fascinates you with. Having read the introduction of your essay, the reader has to understand why they should read this essay to the end and which new it will bring into their life.

Also, you can start your essay with a joke, Japanese proverb, aphorism or quotation about this country to hook the reader from the very beginning.

Introduction example:

“Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners, and the traditions. It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most” (c.) Roman Coppola

Japan is a whole separate world fascinating me with the complicated mix of traditions, where the old opposes to the new, and the traditional one opposes to the modern. In this the most exotic country, people are proud of their politeness and order. Traveling to this country, you will be surprised by the contrast that you can view everywhere: Japanese gardens charm with their Zen calm atmosphere, while in the streets of Japan, there are a lot of neon lights, high-tech technologies, and polite sales assistants. To feel the contrast of this unusual country, you should think of their architecture and telephone lines resembling 1970-s and high-tech technologies including talking baths and intelligent toilets. All these are forming a county of bright contrasts exciting every tourist.

How to write a body?

The body component of the essay should include all the most interesting facts about this country and the description of the most important places. You can also provide a reader with several tips. You should advise them which things a tourist should do and which not. You should write which places a tourist should visit to dive into the atmosphere of the Japanese culture and which food they should try, etc.

Body paragraphs example:

Japanese food

The first thing you will be excited within the country is a wide assortment of the exotic food. Here, you can try a cheap street food, go to the amazing department store food halls teeming with the abundance of delicious food including sashimi, soba noodles, yakitori (barbecued skewered meat), ramen, and others. Japan is a country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan, the Philippine Sea, East China Sea, and the Korea Strait. That’s why fish and seafood is the zest of this country’s kitchen. Here, you can try crab sticks grilled in the street and buy a fresh octopus in the market. Also, you can try delicious sashimi at Sacra Restaurant in Ebisu.

Interesting facts about the Japanise food:

  • In Japan, plastic food is very popular. It looks tastier and more appetizing than real food and is used in restaurants to lure customers. There are also whole shops where everybody can buy souvenirs and magnets resembling plastic food.
  • Here, beans are a very popular food, and the Japanese can cook everything from beans beginning from appetizing melt-in-your-mouth buns filled with beans and ending with fish stuffed with beans.
  • Traveling to Japan, you should treat their sweets. They manufacture different sweets including chocolate, biscuits, green tea cakes, treats made from soybeans, chocolates covered with bananas, toffee apples, and fairy floss.


Traveling to Japan, you will be fascinated with nature. To dive into the Japanese nature, you should arrive in the Arashiyama District. This is a fantastic place that is in the far west of Kyoto where you can go by train, bicycle, bus or taxi. It takes around a half an hour. When you arrive at Arashiyama, first you see a bamboo grove. You can enjoy the walk along this groove amongst giant bamboo. After that, you can open for yourself the beauty of the Okochi-Sanso Villa, the idyllic grounds around the Kinkaku-ji Temple and the Tenryu-ji Temple.

From there, you can head east to go along the river to Arashiyama Park. Here, you can climb to the snow monkey park and meet a lot of wild monkeys free walking around the park. But, you should remember, that if you come to them very closely and look them in the eye, they can start screaming.

What must you visit in Japan at New Year?

When you are in the Higashiyama District, you must visit Kiyomizudera Temple that is around 1200 years old. There is one very old Japanese tradition to go to the temples and shrines all over the country for hatsumode three days after the New Year from the 1st till the 3rd January. This is the first visit in the year to pray for good luck, love, health, wealth, and prosperity. You can get lucky charms and get rid of the charms for the previous years, and get to know the future. This period of time is very important for every man spending with their families, cleaning the houses and preparing for the future. At this time, you will not see any fireworks and parties even it sounds very strange to the Europeans.

How to write a conclusion?

When it comes to the conclusion of the essay, you should mention the most important moments that are in the body part and write a short summary.

Conclusion example:

As you have noticed, Japan is a fantastic country, that you will fall in love with. There are a lot of fascinating places charming with their beauty including the Kiyomizudera Temple, Arashiyama Park, Kinkaku-ji Temple, and the Tenryu-ji Temple. One of the most important zest of the country is food. There is an abundance of delicious food you should treat starting from sushi that has become very popular among the Europeans too and ending with different dishes cooked from beans. Also, Japanese sweet will delight you very much.

Tips for tourists:

  • Kyoto is the home of ceramics and traveling to Japan, you cannot but purchase Japanese ceramics. There are several family stores of the ceramic products near the Kiyomizu Temple in Higashiyama.
  • Learn several words in Japanese. For instance “arigato” meaning “thanks”, and “onegaishimasu” meaning “please”.
  • You should travel by JR Rail Pass in Japan that is the cheapest way to travel for tourists.