The Negative Effects of Social Media

It is not easy for anyone, particularly the millennials to admit that social media really has negative consequences for the user. However, if you were to argue about the negative effects of social media on an individual, you will need to stay open and give your critical view concerning the problems that social media may be causing at the moment.

How to start an essay

The best way to start writing your argumentative essay on the negative consequences of social media is by approaching the subject from a wider perspective then narrowing down to specific points that highlight why social media is bad for the user.  Ensure that you start by outlining some few facts about social media and how they can affect an individual lifestyle or health.  Just make sure that you start your essay at a higher note to keep your audience interested in your work because most definitely, the idea of telling them that social media is not good for them will even make some of them angry and disinterested in your work.

Introduction example:

The world is now run by technology, and the use of social media is on its pick since its inception. Most people find it cool to be using online platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Viber and WhatsApp among many others. They actually think that social messaging is highly beneficial and that the negative consequences are insignificant. There are others who even think that the use of social media has no effect on their lives at all. Truly, social media is harmful. It is something that most teenagers, kids and even a good percentage of adults are using at all time. In the sections that follow, we’ve explored ways through which a prolonged and consistent use of social media can affect you.

How to write the body of an essay

In this part, you’ll go deeper into stating and explaining the effects of social media on users.  Ensure that you claim a point and describe it in detail. Keep your points within a reasonable limit so that your audience get sufficient knowledge regarding your argument but at the same time not get bored because you wrote too much. This section should convince your readership that social media is indeed not good for them.

Body paragraphs example:

Having someone on the phone all day is very disappointing and damaging at the same time. Most people nowadays prefer calling, texting or chatting on social media instead of meeting someone in person and hanging out. For some individuals, comprehending the world and what goes on in it without relying on social media is practically impossible.  First of all, calling or texting for almost twelve hours a day will make you anti-social. It will make you forget the basic socializing skills as well as how to behave in the company of others. Most people who are used to being online cannot stay without looking at their phones. In case, you are conversing with such a person, you’ll get bored easily and even terminate your discussion at an early stage.

Secondly, using social media for long has serious health consequences. The electromagnetic waves that aid communication can damage our nerves and the brain tissue. Therefore by staying on the phone for long, you increase the chances of suffering from brain tumors and related diseases. On the other hand, you risk getting hearing and sight impediments.  Worse off, the possibility of living a shortened-life greatly increases as a result of prolonged physical inactivity.

Another vice that is related to the use of social media is cyber-bullying which has greatly affected the social life and education of most children. Cyber bullies are using the internet to their advantage through frightening people anonymously. They call children names and threaten them not to go to school, or something bad will happen to them. Some kids are even told to kill themselves before the criminals find them. Also, there other adults who are also told to give money or else their dirty secrets will be revealed to the public domain. Without social media, all these bullying incidences will not be experienced.

The internet is propagating rapidly, and most college students are now using social media than ever before. At the moment, classmates are communicating and sharing class materials through WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, Twitter and popular social media platforms. However, this is replacing the traditional use of libraries and books.  Due to the overdependence of shared materials, students can no longer carry out research effectively, and as such, most of them end graduating with very limited knowledge concerning their fields of specialization. Also, in regard to teens and most college students, the idea of seeing other posting things online may have negative implications on how others perceive their peers. Through seeing posts online, one may get a different idea concerning how rich or poor others are. This may influence decisions regarding the choice of friends and spouses that one may make.

How to write a conclusion

At this point, you must have convinced your readership concerning the most detrimental effects of using social media. Here, just tell people to shun from excessive use of social media tools and convince them why it is important to do so.

Conclusion example:

In conclusion, it is obvious that most people are using social media for communication, networking, marketing, and learning. This number is bound to rise in the coming days. Therefore, the effects associated with the use of social media are likely going to increase.  Given the importance of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and their correlates, I understand that it is very hard to stay away from them. However, you just need to closely examine the effects that these platforms may have on your social life, health and lifespan. I believe that you do not wish to lose your hearing or sight after forty years, develop brain tumors at the age of forty-five and then die before you are even fifty years old. Therefore, make sound decisions and stay away from social media.