Sports And Culture

A level of the actuality of this topic is very high so that it’s very important to write an essay on this topic. This is a very important question for parents and teachers. You should write in this essay about that how athletics and culture impact children’s development on different levels, their social life. Do athletics develop only the physical health or aid of the development of other characteristics including perseverance, personal leadership, willpower, and others? You should answer these questions in this essay.

How to start an essay on this topic?

If you are going to write an essay on the topic “Sports and culture: do sports help children develop their features?”, you should start it with an interesting fact or a quote helping hook the reader from the very beginning. Also, in the introduction, you can use rhetorical questions to formulate the background of the problem you will raise in the essay. But the most important purpose of the introduction is to build the thesis statement you are going to argue in the body paragraphs.

Introduction example:

Sports and culture: do sports help children develop their features?

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it” (c.)

Today, many parents take care of their children’s physical and intellectual development in depth and want their children to stay ahead of the pack. That’s why schools provide schoolchildren with a variety of enriched and accelerated programs intending the development of children’s physical and intellectual features. At school, children become do sport extensively. Among the most popular team games for children, there are basketball, swimming, golf, and tennis which helps develop children’s competitiveness, but how does this impact children’s social behavior?

In the body paragraph, you should provide a reader with the definition of the word “sport”. You can explain what it means exactly. The next step is determining aspects of the high school athletics influencing social components of a teenager’s life including politics, economics, and education. And then, you can provide a reader with different points of view on that how athletics impact children’s psychology and which of them you are supporting. You can argue every point of the view with prooves and explanations. You can list the advantages and disadvantages of the sport’s influence on children and their development. You should illustrate every point of the view with the bright examples. Then you can tell a reader about the main issues of the athletics classes. Also, you can dive into the history of the development of the athletics at school.

Body Paragraphs example:

In 1970, physical educators and sociologists determined sports as social phenomena. It’s connected with the invention of the TV. When the television was invented, athletics became a very popular activity and began to belong to the mass culture. This caused increasing the interest of physical educators and sociologists to the athletics. This is justified because sport’s development affects people’s life very much. Athletics are connected with the culture and social relations. That’s why many specialists investigate sports. They try to get to know whether social relations, culture, or ideology impact sports or sports impact a social life. We are going to concentrate on the influence of sports on different elements of the social life. Among these elements, there are a character, politics, education, and community.

Impact of athletics on the character of the students

On the one hand, researches confirm that competitions destroy a child’s confidence and can cause cruelty to each other. On the other hand, sports help form a character and prepare students for the adult life. The second thought was very popular so that sports have become an inherent part of the school education. Students should develop on the physical level as well as on the emotional level. Sports help students become more confident and gain their purposes. When a student becomes a member of the team they get a very precious experience and study to help other people and respect each other. Team sports impact children of any ages positively and develop a team spirit. Many researchers consider that children’s participation in the team’s sports cause a child’s ambition to get success in different fields of the social life. When children have a positive sports experience, this forms an achievement-oriented attitude to classes and other social life. According to Micheli’s book, students doing sports achieve more social acceptance than students who don’t train. Also, teachers note a lot of positive features of the character in students who do sports. Among them, there are self-dependence, singleness, wholeness, obstinateness, etc.

Influence of the team games

Sports activities develop a positive sense of self-learning students to differ the right from the wrong. Sports activities have to bring up a soul of the cooperation but not a soul of the competition. One of the most significant benefits of taking part in team games is encouraging fairy play due to teaching the rules of the game. When children play football, basketball, tennis, golf or other games, they learn to abide by the rules and this one disciplines them. Participation in competitions provide students with knowledge about the social competence. Playing games, they learn to cooperate with their teammates and get a success together dividing fairly roles between members of the team.

Athletics influence children’s morality positively, but how do they influence education? Do different athletics programs impact the education and other social experience? Some social researchers tried to study the effect of the athletics on overall school culture? Is there any connection between these two fields? Investigation shows that students who regularly do athletics have higher grades at other classes and demonstrate more interest in getting the education after school. Doing athletics stimulate students to get success not only during games but also during all studying process. This is a real push to get further education and choose a profession. Also, athletics build a more positive attitude towards school. They have such impact on the psychology of the children because it forms the responsibility, teamwork skills, and achievement orientation for successful social life.

How to conclude an essay on this topic?

In the conclusion, you should mention all the important aspects of the athletics development at school, repeat briefly which benefits they bring to the social life of the student and how this field of activity is connected with other fields of the social life including education and attitude to studying. You should write a thesis statement from each previous paragraph.

Conclusion example:

When television was invented, athletics became the part of the mass culture. From that moment, at school, a lot of educational programs oriented on the development of the intellectual skills but also the physical state of the students have appeared. Team games develop a lot of useful features of the character. Among them, there are self-dependence, singleness, wholeness, singleness, obstinateness, etc. Also, athletics impact other fields of the student’s social life including politics, education, relationships, and others. Participant in team games including football, golf, basketball, tennis, and others teach students to live in the society, build relationships with other members of the team and together achieve a successful result.