Say No To Smoking

Health concerns are on top of the agenda for the majority of people today. Gym, diets and magical teas that can get you to your dream weight are being marketed today at every turn. We all want to be healthy, look fit and feel well but frequently bad habits are much harder to get rid of as compared with few kilos on the thighs. Bad habits mess up with our mind and willpower. Most of the time people who have obsessive habits are not capable of giving them up out of mental hindrance and seek the help of psychologists or psychics. There are tons of factors that influence one’s attempts to quit smoking, drinking or nails biting. But the leading one will always be motivation. People with severe issues who have already suffered the consequences of their habits oftentimes break the rules and indulge themselves. Why? Lack of motivation that was never the reason why they quit at the beginning. That is why creating a piece of writing that might help someone who struggles with a bad habit is very considerate, thoughtful and responsible. Take a look at our guide for an extraordinary essay about smoking that will be a wake-up call for many smokers.

How To Start An Essay On This Topic

Essays concerning health issues belong to the group of motivational and demand some experience to be able to reach out to people. The target audience is smokers and as the majority of people with addictions, they tend to neglect the world’s edification and cliché empty talk. By having the basic understanding of the problem, you will be able to finesse the question to persuade them. If you have never smoked talking to someone who can share their experience of trying to quit smoking, whether successful or not, will not come amiss. Do your research with the help of forums, online discussions, and confessions. Before you write introduction, you need to collect knowledge and comprehend smokers’ mentality in order to catch their attention straight from the beginning. The introduction begins with a hook sentence that can be omitted if not necessary. With anti-something essays, it is preferable to begin with an attention-grabbing sentence to impress, intrigue or excite the target audience. Clearly, you can start by stating interesting facts about smoking which you will find online. Something like statistics, studies, and surveys. After all, you may introduce the topic with a simple orienting sentence to make clear what is to be discussed in your essay. As a rule, the introduction is brief and states the main idea in the thesis which wraps up the intro. The thesis should provide all the main points of the whole essay in a sentence which is to be validated in the body part.

Introduction Example:

Based on accounts of all smokers the initial try-out experience is always very far from pleasant. Coughing, throat irritation, bitter taste in mouth, dizziness, nausea, and headache. This is what a newcomer to the tobacco world gets in exchange for a few bucks, their own or their parents. It is harrowing admitting that smoking is the leading cause of death in the US with 80% of adult smokers who started as children. Today we ought to confront our old issues and bad habits, find an alternative and say “no” to smoking.

How To Write A Body Of An Essay On This Topic

Body part includes several paragraphs each having the same structure. State a strong argument at the beginning of each paragraph starting from the weakest one. Thus, when finishing the body part, you scale up arguments and finally shoot with the strongest one. There are several methods on how to impress the reader regarding arguments order but the classical one is an incremental build-up of statements. When coming up with a well-composed statement allot paragraph for typical incontrovertible facts against smoking. You may bring up high lungs diseases chance, musty smell, tooth discoloration, etc. But do not fully depend on everyone-knows-them facts. Dig deeper to showcase the smoker’s mental benefits of nicotine-free life. Dedicate another paragraph to discuss how great life is without beclouded mind and need to sustain a habit. After each statement, you are to prove it with examples, quotes, personal experience, research work or observation. Develop a discussion with a short concluding sentence at the end that seals the defense of a certain statement. Keep in mind when people try extremely hard to gain somebody over with morality and ethics it is obvious and ridiculous. Prove your arguments with what matters not only in a “normal” society but also for a smoker. Think what made them try it out and what they really desire to get from cigarettes, encourage smokers to question themselves and reflect on early recollections of smoking.

Body Paragraphs Example:

Going back the memory lane can help to realize what made one smoke and what they lacked back then but can have now. As surveys state 3 main reasons why people get into this habit are friends impact, curiosity and desire to appear more mature and grown-up-like. There are many influential factors. But when a child is raised being well-informed and self-sufficing smoking makes no sense to him/her. Track down what made you believe you needed smoking in your life and deal with that in order to deal with a habit.

Getting rid of cigarettes can solve long-lasting issues one could not figure out. Dizziness, nausea, insomnia, headache, poor concentration, aggression, depression, etc. People who quit are shocked they have suffered that badly because of smoking and get inspired to start a new life. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and seem unbearable but the results are never disappointing.

People with smoking addiction are not only physical but also mental slaves to cigarettes. We all understand the detrimental effect of brainwashing whether by TV or swindling organizations but smoke and its substances develop the same dependence and cut off willpower. It is time we realized media loves to romanticize addictions, but in reality, they are pathetic.

How To Conclude An Essay On This Topic

After the anti-smoking rant, it is good to give readers some break with a short but insightful conclusion. It is a brief passage that incorporates all points mentioned in the essay. It stays the main idea one more time. If the thesis is supposed to give an understanding or even hint of the author’s viewpoint, the conclusion reveals the core message the author intended to deliver. Make a remarkable ending with an interesting quote or description of a marvelous cigarettes-free life as an alternative to frightening warnings. Inspire addicts as they are not afraid of the consequences of having and sustaining a bad habit.

Conclusion Example:

The current smoking rate has declined comparing to the last couple of years which gives us a clear understanding that people work on their issues. The age of smokers has also increased. The young generation has a strong sense of self-worth and acknowledges smoking serves no good. It is extremely hard to give up the old habit but initial steps are to be made to drive from the deadlock. Start a new life and meet new you with clear and full of energy mind.