Nonverbal Communication

When people think about the words “Nonverbal Communication” the prime image that they have in their mind is a picture of a person who is deaf or someone who cannot speak and has learned to talk through sign language. Largest people are not informed that in actuality almost 30% of communication between human beings is nonverbal and that it exists in our everyday conversations.

It allows us to send messages to others conveying what we are feeling or thinking without verbal language. It has many different roles in the communication process. It regulates relations and can support or even replace verbal communication in some situations.

Actuality off the topic “nonverbal communication “

Learning to understand this language is important for several reasons. Words can only convey actual knowledge, but to express feelings, words alone are not enough. They are transmitted in a language of non-verbal communication.

How to start an essay on this topic

  1. In the introduction, you must clearly identify the dilemma, which you will explain more.
  2. It should also be pointed out that there are conflicting views on this issue, and indicate which position you occupy.
  3. It may contain some kind of comment on the topic. You can list which appearances of the problem that you are corresponding about will be observed and why.
  4. So, a properly composed start of the essay should give a clear idea of what will be discussed in the main part. The reader has to understand what will you tell about and why he needs it.

Introduction example:

A person is unable to control each of his movements and the impression he makes on others. But we are able to control some movements and even use them intentionally if we want. We can lift eyebrows, downturn eyes, cross arms on our chest or shrug the shoulders. Psychologists found that the message sent in the body language affects the interlocutor more than the verbal one. E.g., if a person through tears convinces friends: “I’m fine!”, they will sooner believe in his tears than words. If a woman comes on a date in a short, tight-fitting dress with a deep neckline, without realizing it, she sends a certain signal to the man.

How to write a body of an essay on this topic

  1. In the main part, you must share your thoughts on this issue. Your thoughts with arguments should be given in a logical sequence. You must submit several proofs that can confirm your opinion, with examples that can illustratively express your point of view.
  2. In this part, you should also give several opposing opinions that differ from your own view, and tell why you disagree with them. Everything has to be explained and confirmed by examples.
  3. All information has to be logically divided (i.e., the text is divided into paragraphs). You must think carefully about the design of your essay and correctly lead the bulk of the summing up.

Body paragraphs example:

Non-verbal communication, commonly known as “sign language”, includes such forms of expression that do not rely on words and other speech symbols. Learning to understand the language of non-verbal communication is important for certain reasons.

Words can only convey actual knowledge, but to express feelings, words alone are not enough. Sometimes we say, “I do not understand how to express it in words,” it means that our feelings are so deep or complex that we can not find suitable words for their explanation. Nevertheless, feelings that do not lend themselves to verbal interpretation are transmitted in the language of non-verbal communication.

The knowledge of this language explains how much we can master ourselves. If it is difficult to cope with anger, you raise your voice, turns away, and sometimes behaves more defiantly. Nonverbal language will tell, what somebody thinks of us in reality. The interlocutor who points with his finger looks intently and constantly interrupts, experiences completely different feelings than the person who smiles, behaves at ease and listens to us.

Finally, nonverbal communication is valuable especially because it, as is natural and shows our real behavior. Any of its elements can help us to make sure of the correctness of what is said, or to think about the truthfulness of the words that your interlocutor had said.

Usually, in a conversation, we achieve an objective understanding of the non-verbal language when we associate it with a specific situation, and with the social position and cultural level of the particular interlocutor.

Some people understand the non-verbal language better than others. The results of a series of studies show that women are more accurate in both the showing their emotions and in the perception of others’ feelings. The abilities of men working with people, e.g., psychologists, teachers, actors, are assessed as high. The understanding of the non-verbal language is acquired during training. But it should be learned that people are different from each other in this regard. Sensitivity in non-verbal communication develops with life and experience.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

  1. The conclusion brings closure of the topic and sums up your overall ideas while providing a final perspective on your topic. Your conclusion should consist of three to five strong sentences. Simply review your main points and present reinforcement of your thesis.
  2. The conclusion is the final part of your essay. You must sum up the reasoning, that is, draw a result and confirm your position. It can be appropriate to give a solid or streamlined answer to the question asked by the topic.
  3. In conclusion, you must express your opinion, which is supported by the arguments analyzed earlier.
  4. In conclusion, there can be a suggestive question, a quote, a bright spectacle image (if it is appropriate).
  5. The whole value of your work is concluded, where you sum up your reasoning. In this part, you prove how thoughtfully you have approached the consideration of a given topic and how much you are able to think and draw conclusions on your own. Or, you can head the possibilities and consequences of a given problem.

Conclusion example:

Non-verbal communication covers all sorts of gestures and facial expressions, various bodily postures, the timbre of voice, physical or visual contact. The language of non-speech components can be primary (all of the above) and secondary (various programming languages, Morse code). Many scientists believe that only 7% of information is transmitted through words, 38% of the data is sent using audio means, which include tone of voice, intonation, and 55% – through instruments of non-verbal interaction, with the help of primary non-verbal components. It reflects that the main part in the language of people is not the spoken information, but the manner of its presentation. The instrument of such “communication” is the human body, which has a wide range of means and methods of information transfer or exchange. The effectiveness of communication is determined not only by the degree of understanding of the words of the interlocutor, but also by the skill to correctly assess the behavior of participants in communication, their facial expressions, gestures, movements, posture, and the direction of the view.