My Favorite Holiday

When you are writing your essay about your favorite holiday, you should be fully conversant and knowledgeable of essential requirements required. This will help you have the exact idea and point to include in your essay. For example, in this article, I have chosen to take Christmas as my favorite holiday. Therefore, I have to acquire a deep comprehension of the topic and the features in it. This will enable me to come up with a unique essay that is exceptional.

When writing your essay, you should give valid proof why Christmas is your favorite holiday and the reasons why you prefer it to others. Moreover, you should show some valid reasons why Christmas is preferred. In your essay, the ideas should be well laid in a format that any person can be in a position to understand. Furthermore, it is essential that the body of your essay is systematical for easy flow of ideas.

How to Begin Your Essay Introduction

The introductory statement is always a fundamental point to consider while writing your essay. When writing the introduction to your essay about Christmas, you should describe why it is your favorite holiday and list possible reasons why it is so. A good introduction will prove that you fully understand your essay topic.


(My favorite holiday is Christmas. According to the traditional perspective, it is said that Christmas should be celebrated at home since it is a family holiday. Nevertheless, people’s behaviors and habits have drastically changed. This makes Christmas an international holiday, which gives an opportunity of meeting different friends and makes everyone enjoy the event. During Christmas time, every individual always finds the best thing he/she may love. This essay will thoroughly examine the significance of the Christmas holiday, the attractive parts and what makes me enjoy it.)

Body Paragraph

A proper organization of the body is essential when writing your essay. Therefore, a proper structure will be important in order for your essay to look attractive. In the body section, you should ensure that your ideas and thoughts are accurate and concede with your topic. All your ideas and thoughts in the body section should be aligned properly in order to be understood.

On the other hand, it is commendable that you should draw a good outline. Conversely, it is always good that you state various reasons why Christmas is your favorite holiday. In order to show good argumentation for why Christmas is your favorite holiday, you should first provide some reasons why you choose Christmas. This will aid the reader to understand why Christmas is your favorite. On the contrary, there are indeed wide ranges of reasons why Christmas can be your favorite holiday. For example, it can be your favorite since you are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Furthermore, during Christmas, you always meet every member of the family since during other holidays, most members are always occupied with other chores, and you may receive gifts during these periods.


(The most fascinating idea about the Christmas holiday is that it brings a feeling of happiness and hope in people’s minds. In the event of the Christmas celebrations, many people often are kind to each other. Every person always strives to let go of any sorrow or depression experienced. Therefore, they leave the disappointments and sorrow as they move onto another year. This practice is good since it enlightens people’s mind and makes them feel like new people. Since there is joy, most people would love to celebrate together. Thus, there is hope in everybody’s mind. This is why I have loved Christmas since childhood.)


Finally, you should conclude your essay with an appealing statement. This statement should either enable your reader to think much or on the other hand make them come up with something new. This will enable your reader to understand why Christmas is your favorite holiday, unlike other ones.


(Conclusively, I would love to summarize the factors that make me choose Christmas as an interesting and great holiday. First, during the period, I always enjoy the cool atmosphere. The feeling of joy and happiness cannot always be compared with other holidays of the year. Lastly, what makes me love Christmas is that it enables me to look back at my childhood, which is always awesome.)