Modern Means Of Transport

The society development is impossible without the establishment of connections between individuals within one and several nations. The number of these processes would’ve remained insufficient for the growth of civilizations without application of available and innovative helpful remedies for the distance overcoming.

Transportation is the field the continuing progress of which significantly affects various living scopes. Globally speaking it’s the most influential factor that has led to the rise of the life speed and ergo its evolution. Such an important role and all advantages and disadvantages accompanying it allow the subject never losing its actuality and stimulate scholars to conduct researches from the undergraduate level.

How to start an essay on “Modern Means Of Transport”

When you have a theme with such general wording, the primary goal of an introduction is to determine for the readers an angle that has been a guideline for the matter investigation. The setting limits should allow favorably representing the subject and reflect the paper type peculiarities.

For instance, for a descriptive essay, you can define the exploring period of the field like inventions of the last five years or its particular section like personal, public, electric, etc. For comparative writing, you can counterpose the new remedies to the old ones or liken various transportation methods on multiple aspects like mechanisms, costs, influence on the environment, etc. For an argumentative paper, you should state some suggestion on the topic that requires further discussion like the reduction of the atmosphere pollution can be achieved with the total replacement of gas with an alternative fuel, etc.

On any occasion, the preamble should have some kind of attention hook that should make the audience interested in the upcoming content. Considering that, this subject is from the category of over discussed ones you should find some rare facts or original perspectives to look at it. Go through the latest statistics and studies to discover them to fulfill the aim of the presentation of the up-to-date material.

Read the following excerpt from an essay on modern means of transport to consider it when you’ll compose your own introductive section that will ensure the smooth transition to the statement.

To execute that perform this step of the assignment only after the rest of it is complete.

In 2017, 4.1 billion passengers used airlines all over the world. It is 7.1% higher than in 2016. Simultaneously 2017 was the safest year regarding commercial flights both by the number of fatal accidents as well as in terms of fatalities.

Since the significant quantity decline of the registered car in the US in 2010, it continues its growth during 2017. Although it’s a sign of the economics improvement after the severe financial crisis of 2009, it also affects the safety on the roads. Over 40,000 people died in car accidents in 2017, which is the 9-year record.

Such facts represent the various social processes and ameliorations and problems of the public transportation. For maintenance or betterment of the situation in the certain field, its reasons and aspects should be examined and analyzed.

How to write a body of an essay on “Modern Means Of Transport”

The statement should realize the paper goal within the boundaries defined by the framework and standard regulations. For such general topics, unless it’s limited by the essay type, the primary purpose of the writing is informative. The more people aware of the present circumstances, the more chances they’ll be altered to the advantages of the humankind.

All secondary aims are determined by the material presentation kind and a writer’s standpoint. Considering how broad topic is, not to lose focus and the narration thread it’s important to prepare several outlines leastways for the main body. Start with the one that will allow you narrowing the investigating scope. Fill out the checklist to accomplish it.

Kind. What one or several categories and subcategories of transportation you desire to explore in your paper?

Period. What time boundaries will you take into account in your research?

Viewpoint. What message you’re willing to send via your writing?

Problematic. What is the ground for your examination? What is the subject background?

Solutions. What issues require resolutions? What conditions should be present for their acquiring?

Toning. What delivery manner you should or want to take to attain the paper goal?

Read the fragment from the thesis on modern means of transport that examines the development of portable personal methods for transportation in the recent years.

It considers the progress influence on the physical activity of the young people.

The initiatives to reduce the traffic congestion and atmospheric pollution in megapolises led to the design of new individual remedies of transportation. The auxiliary factor was the social necessity of more compact transportation remedies that require less physical efforts for the movement. The innovations that have acquired or got back the popularity among the societies of many countries in the last years are presented below.

Electric unicycle

  • Structure: motorized monowheel with accelerometers
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • The first patent: 1964, Charles F Taylor
  • The latest patent: 2015, Ford Motor Company
  • Commercially available: 2008
  • Control mechanism: control moment gyroscopes, reaction wheels and/or auxiliary pendulums
  • Average max speed: 20 mph
  • Major user ages: 15-40 y/o
  • Self-balancing scooter (hoverboard)
  • Structure: two motorized wheels connected by feet pads
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • The first patent: 2013, Shane Chen
  • The latest patent: 2015, various (injuncted)
  • Commercially available: 2014
  • Control mechanism: gyroscopic and sensor pads
  • Average max speed: 15 mph
  • Major user ages: 15-25 y/o

Segway PT

  • Structure: two motorized wheels with a helm and feet pads
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • The first patent: 1994, Segway
  • The latest version: 2017, Segway
  • Commercially available: 2011
  • Control mechanism: tilt and gyroscopic sensors
  • Average max speed: 12.5 mph
  • Major user ages: all

Electric bicycles (e-bikes)

  • Structure: a motorized bicycle with or without pedal-assist
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • The first patent: 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr.
  • The latest version: 2018, various
  • Commercially available: 1993
  • Control mechanism: brushed and brushless motors
  • Average max speed: 28 mph
  • Major user ages: 10-50 y/o

Despite their convenience, none of them can’t be fully defined as a remedy for physical activity. Considering the predominance of the sitting work among the young adults, the common application of such devices can lead to the various health declining consequences like obesity, dysautonomia and other cardiovascular diseases if it’s not accompanied by the other elements of active lifestyle.

How to conclude an essay on “Modern Means Of Transport”

The purpose of the last paper chapter is to summarize for the readers the presented material underlining the most significant aspects. It can also provide a forecast for the successive subject investigation or issue resolution.

Review the example of the conclusion on contemporary means of conveyance.

Modern transportation continues its development concerning destinations, speed, convenience, cost ranges, etc. It significantly affects the international communications and trading positively or negatively depending on the country location and technology. The primary goal of the progress remains the rise of the safety level. It implies not only technical modifications of the existing remedies but also increasing the consciousness of their users by establishing stricter regulations and violation consequences.